Intelligent Air Solutions - Clean air indoors

It seems like there’s a new news story every day on the devastating effects that air pollution has on our health. But while much of the focus is on outdoor air pollution, it’s indoors — where we spend 90% of our time — that pollution is often at its most dangerous. Those places where we feel most safe, can in fact be toxic environments that are severely harmful to our and our families’ health.

Under the brand OurAir Intelligent Air Solutions MANN+HUMMEL provides solutions to transform those spaces into the clean and healthy environments that they should be. Our product range includes monitoring devices, indoor air purifier, automobile air purifier and digital services. For more information, please visit

Also in the field of industrial air filtration for clean rooms such as operating theatres, laboratories and IT rooms, as well as for food processing facilities, marine propulsion systems and power generation MANN+HUMMEL offers a wide range of products. For more information, please visit