Responsibility and sustainability: respect for people and the environment

One of our core corporate values is respect for the people we work with, also for the society and environment in which we live. Our commitment to sustainability and the MANN+HUMMEL Code clearly illustrate this respect.

The MANN+HUMMEL Code incorporates the Code of Conduct and the Social Charter. The Code of Conduct contains the essential guiding principles of the Company, outlining to every employee the legal and ethical framework in which MANN+HUMMEL operates. The Social Charter describes our obligations and responsibilities to society.

With our Code, we wish to underline our commitment to value-based management - and communicate what distinguishes MANN+HUMMEL´s actions: a great sense of responsibility as well as mutual appreciation.

Environmental protection and economical utilisation of resources have top priority in our product development, purchasing, production, logistics and waste disposal. We actively support environmental and climate protection through new developments which specifically meet requirements with regard to mobility, ecology and economics. We eliminate waste and reduce emissions. For many years, saving energy and water has been a standard requirement at all our production sites.

Brochure MANN+HUMMEL CODE - People. Values. Responsibility (PDF, 1,4 MB)

Code of Conduct and Social Charter (PDF, 201 KB)

An entertaining way to understand the core messages of our Code in just a few minutes: our Simpleshow videos.

Compliance with Laws and Contracts – is our first priority

Violations – are not swept under the rug!

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Bribery – no, thank you!

Collusion – not with us!

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Our conduct – always respectful

Discrimination – has no place here

Leadership – by example

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Internal stays internal – this applies to information as well as company property

If I’m straddling the fence, I’ll notify someone!

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Children are allowed to be children!

Our work hours are regulated just like our wages/salaries

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Occupational safety, health and environmental protection – a matter for all of us

Continuing education - continuous and goal-oriented

Freedom to unite

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