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The MANN+HUMMEL download area offers current press photos that may be used for editorial purposes. For any other usage, approval must be obtained on a case-by-case basis from MANN+HUMMEL, Corporate Communications:


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MANN+HUMMEL headquarters
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MANN+HUMMEL headquarters
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MANN+HUMMEL headquarters
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MANN+HUMMEL Board (from left to right)
Josef Parzhuber, Emese Weissenbacher, Alfred Weber, Kai Knickmann, Hansjörg Herrmann
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Alfred Weber, President & CEO
Download (JPG, 756 kb)

Hansjörg Herrmann, Chief Operations Officer
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Kai Knickmann, President & General Manager Automotive OEM and Industrial Filtration
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Josef Parzhuber, President & General Manager Automotive Aftermarket
Download (JPG; 758 kB)

Emese Weissenbacher, Chief Financial Officer
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Logo Wix Filters
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Oil filter module
Download (JPG; 717 KB)

Fuel filter module
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Air cleaner system
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MANN+HUMMEL Production
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MANN-FILTER Overview Product Range
Download (JPG; 1,8 MB)

Automotive Aftermarket
Filters for passenger cars
Download (MF_PR_PKW_ges_neu2.jpg; 1.8 MB)

Automotive Aftermarket
Filters for commercial vehicles
Download (MF_PR_NFZges_2.jpg; 1.7 MB)

Automotive Aftermarket
FreciousPlus filter layers
Download (FreciousPlus_Filterschichten.jpg; 0.8 MB)

Automotive Aftermarket
FreciousPlus in the application
Download (FreciousPlus_in_der_Anwendung.jpg; 0.9 MB)