Crankcase ventilation - variety and expertise

In internal combustion engines, an oil-laden leakage gas known as the blow-by is produced in the crankcase.
The blow-by must be returned during the combustion process, which is achieved by closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) systems. CCV systems also separate and return the oil to the crankcase and regulate pressure in the crankcase.

MANN+HUMMEL can supply all the components and systems involved in crankcase ventilation, including:

  • Oil separators
  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Heating pipes
  • Valve technology (anti-drain valves, PCV valves, ventilation valves)
  • Integration of crankcase ventilation into cylinder head covers or other integrated solutions

With increasingly strict emissions legislation, the requirements for oil separation have increased continually over the past few years. Emissions-related engine components such as exhaust turbo chargers, charge air coolers and charge air sensors must be protected against performance degradation from oil contamination. MANN+HUMMEL provides various designs for oil separation, ranging from inserted or non-inserted inertial separators, such as cyclonic or impactor separators, to the ProVent fibre separator for HGV and industrial use.

The ProVent system integrates a powerful oil separator element and a pressure regulator element, both characterized by their robust and light-weight designs. ProVent protects the turbocharger and the downstream engine components from the build-up of oily deposits that diminish performance. This commercial concept is designed for industrial engines with a power of up to approx. 1250 kW and can cover volume flows of approx. 10 to 1000 liters per minute (l/min) blow-by.
The series is complemented by safety valves that allow for multiple applications.

MANN+HUMMEL also provides the appropriate pressure regulating valve for each engine type to limit vacuum pressure in the crankcase, which protects the engine against dirt from contaminated outside air.

The integration of heating pipes at critical points of the crankcase ventilation process prevents ice build-up from cold surfaces in winter and ensures that the system continues to function properly.

We also provide comprehensive expertise in the field of valve technology, e.g. anti-drain, PCV and ventilation valves.
We cover all types of valves with various flow guidance characteristics for crankcase ventilation.

MANN+HUMMEL integrates crankcase ventilation and design solutions into the cylinder head cover.
Optimizing costs and design space, the cover also acts as a support for cylinder attachments.