Technical Services Manager

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    The Technical Services Manager is responsible for the launch and maintenance of facilities and equipment within the Plant. This will be accomplished through the continued improvement of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program and leadership of the Manufacturing Engineering function at MHUS. The Technical Services Manager will also will engage and cooperate with the MHUS Program and Project launch functions.

    Your challenge


    •  Responsible for overall performance related to MTTR and MTBF for production equipment through proper resource allocation for Corrective, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance.
    •  Responsible for the creation and implementation of an effective preventative maintenance program designed to prevent unscheduled down time and increase productivity and efficiency.
    •  Responsible for definition of Corrective and Autonomous Maintenance pillar of TPM and support Operations in implementation of these pillars.
    •  Responsible for the procurement and protection of Plant Maintenance Inventory through proper management, oversight, and control.
    •  Responsible for the development, implementation, and governance of a training/apprenticeship program suitable to meet the year over year technical manpower requirements of the facility.


    •  Responsible to manage utilities in order to increase reliability and minimize cost.
    •  Responsible for building maintenance including but not limited to landscaping, HVAC, electrical and cleaning services.
    •  Responsible to plan and coordinate use of outside contractors.
    •  Responsible to explore new trends in maintenance and plan, develop and implement new methods, procedures and tools designed to improve operations


    •  Responsible to lead Engineering and maintain a strong relationship with Program Management to anticipate planning for equipment modifications on existing equipment and introduction of new equipment and/or new locations for equipment in operations.
    •  Responsible to lead Manufacturing Engineering department such that adequate time and effort is spent engaging Project Engineering relative to new products and programs coming to Production.


    •  Member of the Operations Management Team with the expectation of full and active participation in helping to create a high performance work team in this group.
    •  Responsible to establish goals and key performance indicators for the assessment of success within the maintenance department. Then measure and communicate performance against those measures. Recognize performance against the measures and lead corrective action on performance not meeting measures.
    •  Responsible to assess the performance of direct reports and oversee the assessment of performance of indirect reports on an annual basis with monthly or quarterly follow ups on performance. Steers and participates in corporate, regional or local projects (e.g. absenteeism, training activities, engagement surveys)

    Your profile


    •  Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Industrial Management, or other related technical area


    •  5 years engineering experience within a manufacturing environment
    •  3+ years in direct management and leadership within a manufacturing environment.


    •  Strong technical and problem solving aptitude and skills, mechanical/electrical engineering, and/or plant automation, with the ability to improve process efficiencies.
    •  Demonstrated leadership skills of setting expectations, holding accountability and performance assessments etc.
    •  Demonstrated ability to work amongst cross functional teams to launch projects


    •  Master’s degree in Engineering, Industrial Management, or other related technical area
    •  7+ years of engineering experience
    •  5 + years in a direct management and leadership within a manufacturing environment.
    •  Green or Black Belt Six Sigma certification
    •  Experience working for a Tier One Automotive manufacturing supplier

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