Nowadays, under the car hood there is less and less space available to fit components, but that does not compromise the performance of our air cleaners and intake systems. Our solutions convince with the highest filtration performance for cars and commercial vehicles.

Our filters have to achieve maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. The function and performance of the individual parts must not suffer from tight installation conditions. On the contrary, they have to meet higher and higher requirements. This is a challenge for the design of air cleaner systems. MANN+HUMMEL has addressed this point to enable the effective use of our air cleaners and intake systems in the small amount of space available.

We produce systems which are designed to maximize the available installation space, protect your vehicle and engine and help the engine realize its highest performance. Our range includes diverse products such as resonators, dirty air and clean air ducts made with different manufacturing processes, many varied element geometries and products from the field of acoustics to enhance sound such as the symposer. With our reliable cabin air filters we protect the vehicle occupants.

We have accumulated our expertise over decades. We selectively use the expertise and continue to develop it. At the present time, we are therefore working on areas such as downsizing and downspeeding, real driving emissions and new limit values and driving cycles. Our intake manifolds, for example, are becoming increasingly important when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and consumption. MANN+HUMMEL offers different technical solutions here, ranging from active charge air pipes to intake manifolds with intelligent flap systems and also intake manifold systems with fully integrated intercoolers.

When it comes to air cleaners and intake systems, our high level of plastics expertise in combination with our filtration know-how make us a reliable partner.

Product highlights

Customized air cleaner systems

Reliable protection with ideal acoustics

MANN+HUMMEL air cleaner systems ensure excellent filtration performance and a pleasant engine sound without disruptive ambient noise and efficiently exploit the available installation space.

Easy to service air cleaner systems

Best filtration performance for tight installation spaces

MANN+HUMMEL air cleaners perfectly exploit the tight installation space in modern commercial vehicles. Integrated cyclone cells ensure highly efficient water and dust separation.

Efficient intake manifolds

Lower CO2 and improved engine response

MANN+HUMMEL intake manifolds make an important contribution to economic mobility with reduced emissions without a reduction in performance or torque.

Innovative charge air lines

Resistant to high temperatures and light

Charge air lines made from high temperature-resistant plastics offer cost and weight advantages. The Agile Joint solution considerably improves the ease of fitting for engine-mounted applications.

Compact symposers

Sporty and convincing engine sound

The MANN+HUMMEL symposers enable a powerful and fascinating sound feedback in the passenger compartment to create a special driving experience.

Innovative cabin filters

Highly efficient media for reliable protection

The multi-layer structure of MANN+HUMMEL cabin filters enable them to remove the finest particles and harmful gases from the passenger compartment and therefore to ensure reliable protection for the vehicle occupants.


Modern filter materials
Engine air filtration with fully synthetic filter materials

Air filter elements with fleece media have a long lifetime in terms of volume. Their use offers big advantages in comparison to the use of paper elements, primarily as less installation space is required.

Technical plastic components
Plastics expertise at MANN+HUMMEL

MANN+HUMMEL is able to demonstrate its system expertise with resonance charging, integrated intercooling, thermal management, integration of additional electric charging, intake manifolds and technical plastic components.

Variable intake manifolds
Potential of variable intake manifolds to reduce CO2 emissions

Active intake manifolds offer advantages under partial-load operation. MANN+HUMMEL tests their potential to reduce fuel consumption on two gasoline engines.

Filter media made from cellulose
Filter paper – relic or gem?

Today filter media made from cellulose still cover a wide range of applications, whether in the form of an established standard medium or an innovative high performance medium.

Media for particulate air filters
Development of particulate air filters for vehicle interiors

Developed on the basis of nanofiber technology, MANN+HUMMEL new filter media effectively protect the vehicle occupants against particulates and contribute towards clean air inside the vehicle.

Air intake systems
Air intake systems used to improve torque

MANN+HUMMEL shows how air intake systems can be improved while taking into account the special requirements of supercharged diesel engines.

More about air cleaners and intake systems

MANN+HUMMEL is a leading global expert in filtration. The Original Equipment Division develops high-performance products for a wide range of applications with different operating conditions - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to construction and agricultural machinery, rail vehicles, machine tools and other industrial applications. Our products meet the highest quality standards and thus reliably protect your machines and applications.

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