Maximum filter performance and pleasant engine sound in the smallest installation space – these were the PSA requirements for the air cleaner system for its new 4-cylinder diesel engine. MANN+HUMMEL developed the right solution through the intelligent integration of different functions.

The future PSA models are designed to be highly efficient and pleasantly quiet. The respective models are for example the Peugeot models 308, 3008 and 508 as well as the Citröen models C3 and DS3. This is made possible by a new 1.5 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine which meets the high requirements of the Euro 6d emissions standard. When it came to the air cleaner system, the French manufacturer opted for a complete solution from MANN+HUMMEL.

Systems expertise out of one hand

The system consists of a dirty air duct, a filter housing, a filter element as well as a clean air duct and is packed with components which ensure a pleasant engine sound. The engineers integrated a resonator in the intake area of the dirty air duct. The second section of this duct is manufactured in a blow molding process and includes a bellow which is important for the decoupling of the engine movement. On the clean air side shortly before the plug-in air flow sensor the filter housing includes a broadband silencer, a further acoustic element which reduces undesirable noise. The position close to the noise source of the turbocharger enables good noise dampening. The housing can be easily and quickly opened using the integrated hinge. This allows a simple change of the filter element during the service.

Air cleaner system for the 1.5 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine of PSA

Injection molded dirty air inlet with water separation and side branch resonator

Blow molded dirty air duct with bellow section to compensate for engine movement

Air cleaner housing with hinge connection for easy service of the air filter element

Air filter element with pre-fleece

Broadband silencer integrated in the clean air outlet of the air cleaner cover

Clean air duct with clamp-less connection technology

Less weight, lower costs

Just as with the previous engine generations of PSA, in the current development project MANN+HUMMEL came up with an ingenious solution for the connection of the air cleaner and the clean air duct. The blow molded component has a flexible sealing area which can be pulled back to the inside. The external, tool-specific surface then becomes the surface on the inside of the duct. It therefore securely connects both components and at the same time functions as a seal. The clampless connection is easy to fit without the need for tools. The solution which has been successfully implemented by PSA for some time is especially designed for tight installation spaces while reducing weight and costs. Despite pedestrian protection and packaging constraints due to a more compact engine, the experts of MANN+HUMMEL reach the same level of filtration performance as the previous model. A visible element of the pedestrian protection constraints is the flattened area in the clean side duct which ensures the required distance to the engine hood. Reinforcing ribs here ensure the necessary stability with underpressure. MANN+HUMMEL France has now supplied the air cleaner system for the third generation of this engine family.