According to the World Health Organization, allergic diseases are among the most common chronic diseases in the world. Biofunctional cabin air filters from MANN+HUMMEL ensure that the affected professional drivers can breathe in freely when they are behind the wheel.

In Europe around 60 million people suffer from allergies and this number is set to rise. For sensitive drivers of commercial vehicles there is an increased risk of an allergic reaction due to pollen, bacteria and mould fungi. Anti-allergenic cabin air filters from MANN+HUMMEL now also protect the affected drivers in trucks and buses. They bind allergenic substances and prevent the growth of bacteria and mould fungi on the filter by more than 98 percent. The new cabin air filter is already available in the independent aftermarket in original equipment matching quality for millions of trucks in Europe and selective bus applications.

Good air quality at the driver‘s workplace is important to stay fit, reduce the effects of tiredness and maintain concentration and awareness so that the risk of an accident is decreased. For this purpose anti-allergenic cabin air filters with their multi-layer structure offer a solution. The particle filter layer separates coarse particles such as dust and particles from tire abrasion and also filters nearly 100 percent of harmful fine dust particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5). These small particles are approximately 40 times smaller than a human hair. They can penetrate the lungs or even enter the bloodstream via the pulmonary alveoli to cause cardiovascular diseases. The second layer contains activated carbon, which is derived from coconut shell. This adsorbs almost all unpleasant odors and harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone from the airflow.

The special innovative biofunctional coating has both an anti-allergenic and antimicrobial effect. The anti-allergenic function is enabled by the third layer which has a natural polyphenol coating. Polyphenols occur naturally in many plants such as green tea, apples, grapes and citrus fruits and are able to bind allergens, rendering them harmless. An additional biostatic coating has also been shown to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as molds or bacteria on the filter. This gives drivers excellent protection against allergens, bacteria and mould fungi.