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In addition to excellent filtration, the oil filter module from MANN+HUMMEL also offers tight oil temperature control.

The right control of the oil temperature is a key process. When the oil has the right temperature the engine consumes less fuel. The new oil filter module from MANN+HUMMEL offers excellent filtration and also efficient thermal management.

Compact oil filter module for 6-cylinder diesel engines

Heat shield

enables mounting position close to the turbo charger


allows tight oil temperature control

Bypass channel

helps to reach ideal operating temperature of the oil

Oil filter

ensures good filtration performance

Oil mist disc stack separator

for closed crankcase ventilation in the oil module housing

Oil cooler

made of stainless steel

The filtration specialist has further developed an oil filter module originally designed for the Euro 6 compliant 6‑cylinder diesel engines fitted to various truck models. The new system brings additional and important benefits to truck models which conform to Euro 6c emission levels.


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The original oil filter module developed by MANN+HUMMEL has very compact dimensions allowing the system to be integrated within the restricted space in the engine compartment, but still delivering the required oil filtration. The new system maintains all the original benefits, but now incorporates a thermostat allowing much tighter oil temperature control.


Ensuring ideal oil temperature

The significant benefits that the latest system delivers are related to controlling oil temperature which allows improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The temperature range ideal for efficient engine operation is between 100 °C and 115 °C. A channel in the system stays open, which allows the oil to bypass the oil cooler and therefore reaches the ideal operating temperature much faster. As long as the bypass is open, the flow through the cooler is closed by the thermostat valve. Above 105 °C the cooler channel and the bypass channel are both partially open, allowing the oil to be cooled to the key temperature. When the engine oil exceeds 115 °C, the cooler channel is fully opened and the bypass channel closed, which means that the oil is cooled to the maximum. This mechanism allows the oil temperature to hold within an ideal temperature window between 100 °C to 115 °C. Under these circumstances the oil viscosity is in the low range, meaning that the oil can flow freely through the engine reducing friction losses. The result is an improved fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. With legislation across the globe on emissions growing ever stronger, these are significant benefits that MANN+HUMMEL can bring to its customers.

MANN+HUMMEL employs the latest thinking in terms of the production technologies for this oil filter module. The main housing is a machined die‑cast aluminum housing. The plastic parts are injection molded in glass filled polyamide. The cooler is a stainless steel part incorporating many layers of sheet metal brazed together to form the channels for the oil and coolant to flow smoothly at low pressure loss that helps again to reduce hydraulic losses during operation.