Environmental protection, pollutant reduction by molecular adsorption of gases, promotion of quality of life, corrosive protection of surfaces - these are topics HELSATECH deals with on a daily basis. The Upper Franconian company is offering international customers media, components and molecular filters for air and gas cleaning for decades.

In specially developed application processes, HELSATECH gives textiles or foamed materials adsorptive functions by means of an activated carbon coating, which primarily serve to remove odors or separate trace gases. Over 80 different types of activated carbon adsorb acidic and basic gases, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and molecular air pollutants - even at the lowest concentrations.

Above all, the ceramic high-tech filters made of powdered carbon are the energetic stars among these filters with their extraordinary efficiency, coupled with low pressure loss, low noise level and thus high energy efficiency.

"With our molecular filters, we not only provide users with clean air, but also many other additional benefits such as energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, corrosion protection, low noise levels and, above all, satisfied and healthier employees."

Norbert Gregor, Vice President & Managing Director