Whether powered by electricity, natural gas or solar energy – low emission vehicles are the future of mobility. We want to help actively shape this future and are therefore developing pioneering filtration solutions for alternative drives such as fuel cell and high voltage battery systems.

One thing is certain: we need sustainable mobility. Independent of the type of drive technology, the focus is on environmental compatibility. MANN+HUMMEL believes in the innovative capability of the automotive industry and selectively uses its filtration expertise to develop products for new drive concepts and participate in low emission mobility.

Right now, we offer our customers pioneering solutions for fuel cell and high voltage battery systems. In this respect, our extensive expertise is involved in a number of fields, from filtration and system expertise to the precise processing of plastics. Our expertise is applied to a wide range of products and applications, including ion exchangers and cathode air filter systems for fuel cells and also battery frames and dryer cartridges for electric vehicles. Every type of drive technology has a filtration requirement.

Product highlights

Brake dust particulate filters

Robust and temperature-resistant

The brake dust particulate filters of MANN+HUMMEL reduce brake particulate emissions by up to 80% and therefore reduce the pollution caused by particulates, especially in town traffic where cars often have to brake.

Degassing units

Modular and safe for high voltage battery systems

MANN+HUMMEL degassing units enable pressure balancing during the heating up and cooling down of the battery, are equipped with an emergency degassing function and also protect against the ingress of water or dust.

Dryer cartridges

Ideal protection for high voltage battery systems

MANN+HUMMEL dryer cartridges use adsorption to ensure that the air in the battery system is dry and therefore reliably protect against water condensation on cooling plates, cooling of the ambient air, and corrosion.

Cathode air filter systems

Reliable protection of fuel cells

MANN+HUMMEL cathode air filter systems reliably remove harmful gases and particles from the cathode air and therefore extend the service of the system.


Solutions for battery systems
Humidity regulation for high voltage battery systems

MANN+HUMMEL offers efficient solutions to regulate humidity in high voltage battery systems.

More about alternative drives

MANN+HUMMEL is selectively working to develop solutions for future products connected to low-emission mobility. A newly developed coolant particle filter and a coolant dryer cartridge for the oil-cooled battery of the fully electric FF91 from Faraday Future are the latest examples. Both products offer high performance and extend the service life of the batteries.

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In the new cabin air filter system MANN+HUMMEL combines its extensive knowledge of air intake systems with its expertise in the area of cabin air quality. Here, the protection of the vehicle occupants is the first priority.

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The combination of electric motor, gearbox and power electronics in the e-axle is a promising concept for vehicles with an electric drive. MANN+HUMMEL has developed special gearbox oil filters for this application which use the new MULTIGRADE eM-CO filter media.

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Fuel cell technology has enormous potential. In order to realize this potential, the sensitive cells have to be reliably protected. MANN+HUMMEL has now developed a cathode air cleaner to do just that.

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For some people electric mobility is the concept for the future. For others it is at least an important component of a drive mix which is environmentally friendly. MANN+HUMMEL is open to all options and selectively develops products which support emission-free mobility.

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