Water is our most precious resource. MANN+HUMMEL, together with its subsidiary MICRODYN-NADIR, offers innovative membrane technology for the treatment of water for everyday use at home and also for industry.

Membrane technology is future-oriented because it effectively cleans, fractionates or concentrates liquids, is product and environmentally friendly and uses energy efficiently. Together with our subsidiary MICRODYN‑NADIR we manufacture hollow fiber membranes for the efficient treatment and disinfection of water. The membranes effectively retain particulate material and bacteria and also convince through high productivity and excellent filtration performance. We offer our customers an extensive range of module sizes which are easy to install.

Our range of products and services include the preparation of rainwater, cooling and process water, the tertiary filtration of effluent from sewerage treatment plants and pre-treatment for reverse osmosis. This is used, for example, in the desalination of seawater, production of industrial boiler feed water or filtration of drinking water.


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Hollow fiber membrane modules for water filtration

AQUADYN® hollow fiber membrane modules effectively remove micro-organisms and particles suspended in water. The modules are also economic to use with high volume flow rates.

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Brackish water elements for reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis removes more than 99% of dissolved salts, particles and other contaminants from the inlet water. MICRODYN RO brackish water elements are therefore very suitable for the cleaning of water.

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