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MANN+HUMMEL - Cleanroom filtration in the operating room

The TMS 3000 ventilation system for clean air in the operating theater

Hygiene and air purity in the operating theaters of hospitals are a top priority. In the new center for women and children at the Ludwigsburg clinic, the highly efficient TMS 3000 ventilation system from MANN+HUMMEL helps to create perfect conditions for the treatment of patients and the team of surgeons.

In a 24 hour period, a person emits approximately 35 million particles to the air. In an open environment, this does not represent a problem. But in the operating theaters of hospitals which have the highest requirements regarding sterility, things can look very different. In those places hygiene and air purity are an absolute priority. This is because particulates, micro‑organisms and other particles can cause infections and endanger the health of patients during the operation and also in the post‑operative stage. For this reason, the subject of filtration for the prevention of infections is particularly important for hospital hygiene, and the ventilation systems to maintain the purity of air in operating theaters have now become indispensable.

The TMS 3000 system from MANN+HUMMEL effectively reduces the risk of infection and contamination. The ventilation system reduces the particles in rooms from 35 million down to only about 3,500. It therefore meets the requirements for ideal treatment conditions for the patients and the team of surgeons in the protected area. 

The system meets the highest standards for clean and hygienic air quality in buildings. The TMS 3000 is fitted directly to the ceiling of the room. This means there are no spaces where germs could accumulate. In addition, an integrated light ensures ideal lighting of the operating theater area in the hospital. At the same time, the system requires less energy due to the use of filter technology which is designed to minimize pressure loss. Harmful substances are quickly removed by a high airflow.