MANN+HUMMEL as system partner - Innovative complete systems from a single source

In-house manufacturing by motor manufacturers is constantly declining. The component supplier´s share in the value-added process of a vehicle is already over 70%. To keep co-ordination costs low, there is increasing demand for comprehensive systems and modules.

Today, MANN+HUMMEL is a trusted system partner for motor manufacturers world-wide. MANN+HUMMEL develops, co-ordinates and supplies complete solutions, e.g. the complete air intake system from the air intake to the rocker cover. As well as air filters, intake manifolds and complete air intake systems  comprising dirty air, clean air and turbo ducts, silencers, intake air preheating boxes, heating pipes, control valves, design covers, fuel supply rail, oil mist separators and rocker covers.

The range of liquid filter systems offered by MANN+HUMMEL is equally broad - with plastic or aluminium housings for spin-on filters or metal-free filter elements. A complete oil filter module/system also contains multi-functional components such as integrated oil-water-heat exchangers, crankcase ventilation, oil pressure switches, sensors or compact valves which fulfil further essential functions in addition to filtration.
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