Corporate Social Responsibility
Assuming responsibility, out of genuine conviction.

There is no generally accepted definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). But for us at MANN+HUMMEL that doesn't matter. We have always considered it self-evident that we should take responsibility for society and the environment. What's more, responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture, which we have formalized in our MANN+HUMMEL Code. Taken together with our Code of Conduct and our Social Charter, we have thus defined the ethical, social and legal guidelines by which we carry on our business. And we put them into practice – with no ifs or buts.

Above all, they stand for the respect and acknowledgement of our employees and for their motivation and promotion. At the same time they represent the freedom of association, formal working hours, adequate pay, global protection of children, equal treatment for all and much more. We are a company that always plays fair, even when competition is tough and despite all the challenges of running a business. That not only applies to our staff and business partners, but also to the people who live near our sites. We are good neighbors, who take care of others and don't look away. We get involved when necessary. That also goes for the environment and the conservation of natural resources. Both of these have a high priority, from product development and purchasing through production and waste disposal. Saving energy and water has been a requirement for all our production facilities for many years. 

Because recognition, respect and sustainable thinking don't stop at our factory gates; they keep on applying well beyond.