Fair treatment instead of equal treatment

Diversity is a new buzzword in modern corporate governance. Unfortunately, the term is often reduced in public debate to employing the same number of women and men in management posts. But at MANN+HUMMEL, we think that this is far too short-sighted. We have a much broader understanding of the term diversity. 

For us, gender, religion, skin color, or origin play no role at all. We work according to the principle of employing the team which is most suited to perform a task due to its qualification. Here, hierarchical posts play a minor role. Anybody can qualify for new challenges based on their previous performance.

And we actively promote this. Our extensive offer of advanced and further training courses allows employees to start something new, even after many years of working in a particular field. The only thing that is needed is initiative and the will to learn something new. We started off this process many years ago and we pursue this with growing commitment. It is not only demanded by the growth of globalization, but also by our understanding of who we are. MANN+HUMMEL stands for a balanced, fair, and especially successful labor policy.