Health Management
We support you. And your health.

Health, satisfaction, and motivation – both employees and management at MANN+HUMMEL share a common interest in this. Employees would like to stay healthy and feel well; the company would like to be successful against the competition with healthy and therefore productive employees. 

The world of work in the 21st century has experienced a fundamental change – through work intensification, stress, improper stresses on the job, as well as injuries to physical and/or mental health. All this make it essential to have a preventive health promotion program which includes all the factors that support good health. This is why the Company Health Promotion scheme at MANN+HUMMEL is aimed at eliminating stress that is harmful to health. On the other hand, the latest and innovative health concepts intended for specific target groups motivate employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle – both at work and in their private lives. For example, there was every good reason why the trainee health promotion scheme "YOLO@MANN+HUMMEL" received the Human Resources Excellence Award. But trainees are not the only ones at MANN+HUMMEL to benefit from the many different activities offered by the Company Health Promotion scheme – which includes "Fit on the Job" programs, sports groups, participation in running events, and much more. So come and join us! Develop your health literacy at MANN+HUMMEL and this will automatically improve the quality of your work and, most important, the quality of your life.