Vehicle Acoustics– preventing noise, optimizing sound quality

MANN+HUMMEL operates the most modern engine and vehicle test benches. The measurements carried out here are essential for performance and noise optimization. Only in this way is it possible to fulfil statutory obligations for vehicle noise emissions. During accelerated drive-by, much of the noise created as the vehicle drives past is generated at the intake orifice. The acoustics not only fulfil statutory regulations for noise emission levels but also determine the emotive sound of the engine, the "sound branding" of a vehicle.

The MANN+HUMMEL product range also includes the Symposer and the Soundpipe for targeted optimization of sound quality. Desired sounds such as popular sporty tones are enhanced and directed into the vehicle interior without exceeding the threshold value for noise emissions.

We apply calculation and simulation tools that affect the acoustic pattern, even in the planning stages for an intake manifold system. The calculated values are then included in the development of the air intake system. We also initiate a process of continuous improvement, which gives rise to primary and secondary measures. Primary measures affect the noise directly at its source; secondary measures use sound absorption and encapsulation to reduce airborne noise.

In order to produce a meaningful result, prototypes are built and measured on engine and acoustic test rigs.
The intake manifold systems can be tested in engine acoustic test facilities or the entire vehicle can be tested on appropriate equipment