Air filtration - Clean air. Maximum reliability.

Combustion engines require clean intake air for optimal performance. Dirt is aggressive; if pollutants such as soot or dust get into the combustion chamber, pitting may occur. Pitting on the cylinder heads, for example, causes premature wear on the engine. Pitting could also impair the function of electronic parts located between the suction and the combustion chamber.

MANN+HUMMEL core activities in the development of air filter systems:
• Filtration
• Flow optimisation with regard to pressure loss
• Acoustics including sound design
• Styling
• Integration of various functions.

We are constantly setting new standards with continuous development in these areas. We offer expert solutions for
wide-ranging requirements in the passenger car, HGV and in the industrial sectors.  Examples include construction and agricultural machinery.

Functions such as water and dust separation, acoustic components, and HC adsorption can be integrated into the system parts. For dirt filtration, MANN+HUMMEL offers air filter elements suitable for very small, restricted installation spaces. 
This requires a flexible geometric design of the elements – and simultaneously high filter performance. In accordance with the motto "Any shape any size", MANN+HUMMEL offers filter elements in the widest possible range of shapes and sizes including oval-conical, trapezoidal, stepped or filter elements with sealed recesses.

We offer customised solutions close to the customer, utilizing our international development and production network.
In the increasingly globalised automobile industry, we offer localisation of existing products in growth markets and market-specific development work directly on location, always maintaining a globally consistent high level of quality.