Intake modules - organised air supply

MANN+HUMMEL has become one of the leading developers and manufacturers of intake manifolds and intake modules, since the launch of the first plastic intake manifold worldwide. With pioneering products and manufacturing processes,
we have established ourselves in this field as partners in the international automotive industry. Through the building of local structures, we have achieved globalization by reaching countries such as China, Korea and India.

MANN+HUMMEL intake modules fulfil tasks that go beyond air ducting. These include:
• Dynamic supercharging
• Swirl and tumble control
• The recirculation of crankcase gases
• The recirculation of exhaust gases

For engine manufacturers, intake modules are significant in achieving greater fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased performance and torque. Our expertise in the field of intake module flow simulation and design hugely contributes to increased engine performance and reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Additionally, our knowledge of actuator technology plays a decisive role in the control of flaps and switch rollers in active intake modules.

In many development concepts, the intake module plays a significant role as a design and support element in the engine compartment. Many components such as fuel lines or the throttle body are fixed to the intake module.