Commodity Buyer – Packaging and Purchased Filters

Contract type

Your challenge

The Commodity Buyer is the purchasing specialist for mainly one – in exceptional cases more - defined material groups. He/she manages all tactical sourcing activities with the suppliers in his/her responsibility (= “One voice to supplier”). He/she is located either in the Hub Center or a Branch and with that is also responsible for associated sites within the Hub. He/she reports to functionally the relevant Lead Buyer.

  • Executes  MGM strategies and initiatives and applies defined supplier panels in alignment with Lead Buyer
  • Supports Lead Buyer and reports regarding negotiations, supplier selection in projects, supplier panel optimization, ratio projects, KPI 11 development, supplier development, initiated sourcing decisions, etc.
  • Supports planning and forecasting in agreement with Lead Buyer and/or MGM
  • Manages RFQs and price estimations in customer or market projects and in serial production for his/her commodity within the Hub and for prototypes if prototype supplier will be serial supplier.
  • Conducts RFQs also for defined global projects (across Hubs) in alignment with the Lead Buyer.
  • Initiates and manages re-sourcing, dual sourcing and continuous improvement activities (KPI 11) and supports Ratio Project Management, e.g. “BCC” or VA/VE
  • Actively supports and acts in close collaboration with PMPs by providing “in-time” price- and other project relevant information, e.g. sourcing status, supplier feedback on timing and specification 
  • Negotiations & agreements about purchase price and supplier commercial contracts (KPI 11) incl. sourcing decision preparation
  • Contract management over supplier / parts life time for all contracts in his responsibility
  • Organizes Technical Reviews in close collaboration with ASQ and R&D
  • Initiates target price / cost analysis calculation (pre- and post SOP)
  • Overall responsibility for internal releases and changes of supplied material / parts / tools in projects and in serial production
  • Manages escalation issues in alignment with Lead Buyer
  • Maintains commercial material / supplier relevant data in SAP R3 and eCONN
  • Supports supplier quality assurance (KPI 41/42) , complaint management and "top focus" supplier meetings in cooperation with ASQ, SQA and SQD   
  • Monitoring of tool life time and capacity; negotiation and purchasing of follow-up tooling
  • Interface Management  to local Supply Chain
  • Other duties as assigned

Your profile


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university (Business, Supply Chain or Engineering) or related field


  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience in purchasing
  • Experience in industrial companies or manufacturing enterprises

Required Skills:

  • Technical understanding
  • Analytical skills
  • Flexibility to travel
  • Able to use Microsoft office tools and SAP and SAP BW

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Purchasing experience in an international environment
  • Purchasing experience in the automotive sector

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