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The ENTARON XD from MANN+HUMMEL sets new standards for plastic two-stage air cleaners with a tangential raw air inlet. The ENTARON range extends the proven characteristics of the successful Europiclon and NLG air cleaners with plenty of new ingenious ideas. The single-stage version ENTARON MD with very low initial pressure drop complements the XD range.


ENTARON MD 40 with DualSpin XT


Technical features

14 to 40


with DualSpin XT

Type of operation

Two-stage air cleaner

Single-stage air cleaner

Combination air cleaner: single-stage air cleaner with external pre-separator

Field of application

Mobile applications with a very high dust load such as construction machines, construction site trucks, harvesters, mobile cranes, mobile compressors, etc.

Stationary applications with a low dust load such as stationary machines, gensets, compressors, etc.

Applications with extreme dust load such as large harvesters

Volume flow range

7 to 40 m³/min

20 to 40 m³/min

20 to 40 m³/min

Pre-separation efficiency
with dust discharge valve

87 %


80 %

Pre-separation efficiency
with scavenging (10 %)

Up to 92 %


> 89 %

Final separation efficiency

> 99.99 %

> 99.97 %

> 99.97 %

Dust discharge

Dust discharge valve (option: scavenging)




Vertical and horizontal installation possible, depends on the position of the dust discharge valve

Vertical and horizontal installation possible

Vertical and horizontal installation possible

Service concept

Front access with comfort fasteners

Front access with comfort fasteners

Front access with comfort fasteners

Additional protection against water ingress

ENTARON XD 14 to 28 On request, ENTARON XD 40 as Standard



Product benefits

  • Excellent protection of the engine through high initial and final separation efficiencies

  • High reliability through elements with new type of sealing system

  • Considerable reduction in weight compared to conventional metal or hybrid solutions

  • Excellent flexibility through variable modular system

  • Easy maintenance due to tool-less element change with comfort fasteners

Powerful details

Robust housing

The housings of the ENTARON XD and ENTARON MD are equipped with reinforcement ribs and manufactured from plastic reinforced with glass fiber. This has the advantage of reducing weight by 10 percent in comparison to conventional metal or hybrid air cleaners (combinations of metal and plastic). As a result, the air cleaner is able to handle even extreme mechanical requirements. At the same time the design offers the advantage of resistance to corrosion.

The housing consists of three parts with the main part joined to the raw air inlet by a special welding process. This welding provides a robust and secure connection and enables the required orientation of the connection to the integrated brackets. This achieves maximum flexibility which allows the air cleaner to be adapted to almost all installation situations. In addition, the clean air outlet is reinforced by a metal ring which enables a tightening torque for hose clamps up to 5 Newton meters.

The high pre-separation efficiency uniquely qualifies the ENTARON XD for heavy dust load applications. This high efficiency sets the standard for its filter class and eliminates the need for an additional external pre-separator.

Smart details

The comfort fasteners have color-coded operating elements. This simplifies handling and makes it immediately easy to understand, even when visibility is poor. Special snap-in noses allow the fasteners to be fixed - so they no longer interfere with the removal or fitting of the cover when servicing is required. A smart and user-friendly detail. Furthermore, the ENTARON XD/MD series has a connection for a service switch or service indicator integrated in the housing and also integrated mounting possibilities with through-holes (standard) and threaded inserts (on request) to enable quick installation.

High-performance filter elements

The filter elements of the ENTARON XD/MD series are also designed for the highest requirements:

  • A new type of sealing system ensures the reliable sealing of the elements to the housing

  • Robust center tubes made from plastic reinforce the filter element*

  • A new filter media used in the ENTARON XD/MD offers significantly higher robustness combined with longer service life

  • The glue string technology exclusively used by MANN+HUMMEL fixes the tops of the pleats and therefore ensures that the element offers high performance under all operating conditions

  • The safety element in the ENTARON XD/MD is threaded to the housing which prevents unintentional removal during servicing

  • Further versions of the main filter and secondary filter elements are available for the ENTARON XD and ENTARON MD as options

*Not applicable for ENTARON XD/MD 40

Cross-sectional model of an ENTARON XD


The three-part housing concept offers excellent flexibility for the positioning of the inlet in relation to the bracket. The use of plastic reinforced with glass fiber reduces the weight in comparison to conventional metal and hybrid air cleaners (combinations of metal and plastic) by more than 10 percent.

Main element

The high-performance filter media achieves a long service life and separation efficiency above 99.99 percent. The support ring made from plastic, the center tube made from metal and the glue string technology ensure stability and safety during handling and operation. A version with a handle for even more user-friendly servicing is available as an option.

Secondary element (option)

The secondary element offers the highest possible security when servicing the main element. There are two variants available: The standard one is fitted with a non-woven element while the second variant can be fitted with a pleated cellulose element as an option for higher requirements with regard to flow resistance and Separation efficiency.

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