Compact air cleaners for tight installation spaces

Tight installation spaces and high air flow rates are not in conflict for the IQORON two-stage air cleaner. The flexible designs of this series allow a number of possibilities for various applications. In addition, the complementary single stage air cleaners of this range are designed for all applications where there is a requirement for a low pressure drop.


More than 95 % pre-separation efficiency with scavenging


Up to 90 % pre-separation efficiency with dust discharge valve


Low flow resistance with single-stage application

Technical features




Type of operation

Two-stage air cleaner

Two-stage air cleaner

Single-stage air cleaner

Field of application

Applications with high dust loads such as agricultural and construction machines, etc.

Applications with high dust loads such as agricultural and construction machines, mobile compressors, etc.

Stationary applications with light dust loads such as compressors

Volume flow range

4 to 12 m³/min

3 to 14 m³/min

4 to 10 m³/min


Multi-cyclone block (cleanable as required)

Multi-cyclone block (cleanable as required)


Pre-separation efficiency with
dust discharge valve


Up to 90 %


Pre-separation efficiency with
scavenging (10 %)

> 95 %

Up to 95 %


Final separation efficiency

> 99.99 %

> 99.99 %

> 99.97 %

Dust discharge

Scavenging (e.g. ejector or blower)

Dust discharge valve (option: scavenging)



Inline concept, vertical and horizontal installation possible, mounting with through-holes and/or threaded inserts

Inline concept, vertical and horizontal installation possible, mounting with through-holes and/or threaded inserts

Inline concept, vertical and horizontal installation possible, mounting with through-holes and/or threaded inserts

Service concept

Side servicing with standard fasteners

Front servicing with comfort fasteners IQORON-V 4.5 and -V 7 Side servicing with comfort fasteners: IQORON-V 9 and -V 14

Front servicing with comfort fasteners

Product benefits

  • Maximum service life through highly efficient cyclone pre-separation and CompacPleat element

  • Inline air flow for flexible installation

  • Environmentally-friendly disposal through filter elements which are metal-free and fully incinerable

  • Pre-separator easy to clean, if required

  • Various mounting possibilities for quick installation

Powerful details

Powerful in the smallest space

When space is tight, IQORON air cleaners come into their own. Due to their compact designs, this series can be applied in increasingly complex and tight installation spaces.


In comparison to similar air cleaners of other manufacturers, the use of polyamide reinforced with glass fiber enables a higher resistance to temperature. In continuous operation and depending on the model, the IQORON can be used with temperatures in the range of -40 °C to +100 °C and short-term with temperature peaks up to +120 °C. The inline air flow ensures excellent flexibility as it allows vertical as well as horizontal installation of the air cleaner. Depending on the variant, fast and easy maintenance is carried out as front or side servicing, relative to the flow direction.

High filter performance, maximum service life

The core of the IQORON series is the CompacPleat filter element developed by MANN+HUMMEL with single or double bellow technology. The air flow design realizes a linear air flow through the air cleaner which enables flexible installation variants. In comparison to conventional filter elements, for the same installation space the CompacPleat element has a considerably higher filter surface area and therefore has the advantage of being able to provide a high power density and a long service life. The filter element is completely free of metal and is therefore fully incinerable. The removal frame found in a number of models can be reused.

Perfectly matching accessories

For the IQORON-V air cleaner with side servicing concept, MANN+HUMMEL offers specially developed intake hoods with three variants for each filter size. These air connecting parts connect the multi-cyclone block of the filter with standard components on the dirty side. Insufficient technical adaptation of this accessory may result in a loss of filter performance and a reduction in service life of up to 70 percent.

The solution is to use original intake hoods developed using simulation tools and extensive design expertise. They enable the perfect flow of air to the multi-cyclone cells and thus ensure that there is no negative influence on the pre-separation efficiency or the service life of the filter. The standardization of the accessories enables economic adaption to the respective installation conditions.

Cross-sectional model of an IQORON-V

Main element

The CompacPleat filter element with its large filter surface area offers a long service life for very tight installation spaces. The special design of the filter element enables a linear air flow through the air cleaner which opens up a wide range of installation options.

Secondary element

This safety element with additional reinforcement provides the best possible protection during the servicing of the main element. It is located beneficially for the flow behind the filter element and has a radial seal. This prevents the ingress of dirt into the intake system even when the filter element is removed during servicing. Therefore the engine components remain protected at all times.


For applications with heavy dust loads, the IQORON is equipped with a highly efficient multi-cyclone block. If unfavorable operating conditions cause the pre-separator to block, it can be quickly and easily serviced if required. After untightening the holding screws, the cyclone block can be optionally removed from the housing and cleaned using compressed air or by washing out.


Integrated through-holes enable quick and easy mounting of the IQORON V 4.5 and -V 7 models. In addition and for all other models of the IQORON series, a number of threaded inserts are available (option). This considerably accelerates the first installation of the air cleaner.

Service switch/ indicator

The IQORON filter housing has an integrated M 10x1 threaded connection for a service switch or indicator in order to monitor the dirt level. If no service switch or sensor is used, the connection is sealed to be dust-tight using the supplied protection cover.

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