The FM050P LCB series centrifuge range was designed to extend the life of lubrication oil of agricultural, heavy on-road and small industrial engines. By utilizing centrifugal forces built up inside the oil powered spinning rotor, this filtration method can remove particles below one micrometers. The wear of the oil circulation system is significantly reduced. One special feature of this centrifuge is the integrated oil float switch, which allows low pressure air to force the oil back to the sump giving greater flexibility of mounting options (LCB – Level Control Base).

Technical features


System capacity

15 to 90 l

Oil pressure range

3 to 7 bar

Volume flow range

5.5 to 8.4 l/min

Rotor speed

5,800 to 8,900 rpm

Dirt capacity

0,5 l

Net weight

4.9 kg

Product benefits

  • Highly efficient separation during the entire service life

  • Extends the oil life

  • Longer oil service intervals

  • Reduces engine wear

  • Incinerable rotor saves disposal in a landfill
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