MANN+HUMMEL is a long-standing and established development partner and series supplier for customized plastic intake manifolds for passenger car applications. Intake manifolds have the main task of evenly supplying all cylinders of an engine with air to enable an optimum combustion process. They help to reduce CO2 emissions and thus the consumption of engines. MANN+HUMMEL offers a wide range of technical solutions - from passive intake manifolds and intake manifolds with intelligent flap systems to intake manifold systems with fully integrated charge air cooling.


Passive intake manifold with fully integrated charge air cooler

Active intake manifold with robust tumble flap system

Active intake manifold for three-cylinder diesel engines

Active intake manifold with crimped charge air cooler

Passive intake manifold for four-cylinder gasoline engines

Product benefits

  • Various solutions from simple passive intake manifold to active intake system with fully integrated charge air cooler
  • Wide range of function integration possible
  • Modern intake manifolds help to meet increasingly stringent emission standards
  • Design optimized for weight and installation space
  • Use of modern simulation and manufacturing technologies
  • Robust and OBD-II conform flap systems

Powerful details

Sectional view of the active intake manifold with dual integrated intercooler and water injection system

Charge air duct (hot side) with AgileJoint element for tolerance compensation

Stand-alone indirect charge air cooler as pre-cooler

Charge air duct (cold side) with AgileJoint element for tolerance compensation

Self-regulation bypass flap with two ducts to the electric compressor or second turbo charger

Self-containing indirect charge air cooler as main cooler (connected to low temperature cooling circuit)

Water injection system with plastic water rail and inline water filter (optional)

Intake manifold module including tumble flap system with electric plug-in actuator


Further information

MANN+HUMMEL is able to celebrate a world premiere with the first intercooler fully in­te­gra­ted in an intake manifold. The system impresses in the new six cylinder gasoline engine from Mer­ce­des Benz with an ideal temperature distribution and is able to withstand very high loads.

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New engines have to offer high performance, be robust and clean. A Swedish car manufacturer has opted to use an intake manifold and a cooler unit with inlet and outlet shells from MANN+HUMMEL for its 4 cylinder diesel engines.

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For its 3.0 liter 6-cylinder diesel engines Jaguar Land Rover has opted for a passive intake manifold from MANN+HUMMEL. In addition to extensive engineering expertise, MANN+HUMMEL is demonstrating its wide-ranging competence in production.

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