High-voltage battery systems

Coolant particle filter

  • Reliable separation of dirt particles from the coolant
  • Protects the battery system against wear and blockage of the cooling channels
  • Pleated full-synthetic filter media MULTIGRADE eM-CO 180 or glass fiber filter media MULTIGRADE O-G 10.2
  • For use in liquid cooled battery systems (stationary or mobile), also for non-automotive applications
  • Available as standard product (CoolantClean)

Cooling air particle filter air

  • Clean air supply for air cooling systems
  • Protects the fan and battery system from dirt particles from the cooling air
  • Can be used in open and closed air-cooled high-voltage battery systems
  • Available as life time or service part

Venting unit

  • Protects high-voltage battery systems  in all operating conditions
  • Prevents water and dust from entering the battery system
  • Compensates pressure differences between the inside of the battery system and the environment
  • Emergency degassing function at defined overpressure in the battery system
  • Available as standard product (VentPlus)

Oil dryer cartridge

  • Removes water from the cooling oil of directly cooled batteries
  • Adsorber and cartridge material are resistant against cold and aggressive oils
  • Optional water sensor to detect content of water in oil
  • Easy service

Coolant reservoir

  • Modular design covers different container sizes
  • Flow control prevents the formation of air bubbles in the cooling system
  • Modular adjustable position of filling opening, outlet opening and connections
  • Available as standard product (MCR)

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