Efficient fuel filter module

Three-stage water separation for maximum protection

All-round protection for the fuel system

The new EcoSport, a successful and compact SUV from Ford, is now available on the market. The package includes a new diesel engine and MANN+HUMMEL is supplying the matching fuel filter.

The new EcoSport introduces new interior fittings and additional assistance systems with a new engine generation under the hood. Now 1.5 liter 4-cylinder diesel engines are available to ensure driving pleasure, on request with all-wheel drive.

Ford has used components for many years from MANN+HUMMEL for air cleaner systems and oil filters. With the EcoSport the development partnership has gone a step further. The filtration experts also developed the fuel filter for the compact SUV. It protects the modern diesel injection system against the ingress of water and particles. In order to enable a high filtration performance, the developers opted to use the established MULTIGRADE F-MB 25 filter media for the particle separation. This media offers a high separation efficiency and a high dust holding capacity which extends the service interval to 60,000 kilometers or three years.

Three stages for maximum separation

The separation of water from fuel requires maximum efficiency. This is ensured by the proven, three-stage water separation from MANN+HUMMEL. The system separates more than 95 percent of the water droplets contained in diesel currently available at the filling stations, even the smallest droplets down to a size of ten micrometers. That works until the end of the service interval, even when the filter element is loaded. Single and two-stage concepts available on the market achieve a comparatively low separation efficiency of up to a maximum of 35 to 40 percent (see graphic) and therefore are not able to provide reliable protection for modern injection systems.

Easy to service

The separated water is collected in an area with reduced flow beneath the filter element. An integrated sensor recognizes when the maximum level has been reached and the water has to be drained from the fuel circuit by a service mechanic in the garage workshop. Depending on the installation space situation, the service access can be realized in different positions. The drainage for the fuel filter module of the Ford EcoSport is made via an integrated water discharge pipe upwards. A water discharge hose fitted to the filter housing makes the work of the service mechanic easier.

Ready to go even when it‘s icy and cold

In extremely cold temperatures an integrated electric heater switches on in the fuel filter. This is important to prevent clogging of the fuel filter by paraffin. The trend to ever finer, high arrestance fuel filter media means that without additional heating already temperatures between minus 10 and minus 15 degrees Celsius can lead to a blocking of the filter element. An efficient fuel heater is therefore essential. The heater is automatically controlled by an integrated temperature sensor.

Robust design

The engineers at MANN+HUMMEL also used their considerable expertise in the design of the filter housing. As the filter is fitted in the engine compartment, it has to meet high crash requirements. The housing is produced in metal instead of using a pressure die-casting process or injection molding. The advantage is that the material has excellent forming characteristics. MANN+HUMMEL applies a flanging process for the connection of the filter cover to the head. In this process a special machine bends the edges of both components over so that they firmly connected. If a crash occurs, the housing is able to withstand even high forces.