Efficient filter solution for Indian trucks

A well-known Indian automobile manufacturer was looking for a reliable air cleaner system with a long service interval for the 5.0 liter diesel engines used in one range of its trucks. MANN+HUMMEL met the requirements using a system solution with a standard air cleaner and customized dirty and clean side ducts.

The trucks of one of India’s largest vehicle manufacturer, have to withstand difficult operating conditions including dust, uneven terrain and high temperatures. Due to the high requirements, the filtration components have to be robust, reliable and at the same time have a long service life. Given these conditions, MANN+HUMMEL developed an air cleaner system for the 5.0 liter diesel engines from the customer. The air cleaner is extremely compact which allows flexible installation in very tight installation spaces. An adjustable mounting bracket allows the air cleaner to be fitted into different positions.

Long service interval

In order to rationalize costs, the Indian manufacturer opted for a standard air cleaner which MANN+HUMMEL produces in Bawal, India. The air cleaner has a deflector integrated in the housing for dust pre-separation and achieves an excellent filtration performance. The pre-separator already separates 80 percent of the dust particles from the air flow before they reach the filter element. The result is a very high dust capacity with only a slight increase in pressure drop and therefore a longer service life for the filter element. Thanks to the high performance filter media MICROGRADE A-C 4.1 E, the filter element has a filtration efficiency which is higher than 75 percent. An additional safety element prevents dirt particles from reaching the clean side of the system during service or when there is damage to the main filter element. The filter solution has the advantage of a long service interval of up to 80,000 kilometers.

Customized components

MANN+HUMMEL developed a customized solution for the dirty and clean side ducts for the customer. The dirty side duct is mounted to the chassis, whereas the clean side duct is mounted to the engine. Both ducts are made from a material combination of plastic and elastomer. This enables the ducts to withstand strong vibrations and compensate for the movement of the engine. The air cleaner system from MANN+HUMMEL allows the truck range to be used even under the most extreme conditions.