MANN+HUMMEL continues to expand its local production capabilities and has started production of an additional oil filter module for an US-American car manufacturer's new 4-cylinder diesel engine at the Indian location in Tumkur.

Proximity to the customer is an important factor for success with global projects. In 2016 the first oil filter module for an US-American car manufacturer rolled off the production line for the first time at the Indian MANN+HUMMEL location in Tumkur. A second module now follows on the same production line. In addition to supplying the customer plant in India, the new oil filter will also be delivered to South Africa and Argentina.

Proven technology

The robust die-cast aluminum housing of the oil filter module integrates a number of essential functions for the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine of the midsize pick-up. An oil/water heat exchanger, a filter bypass and an anti-drain valve as well as a patented oil drain system ensure efficient oil management. In comparison to the previous module, the engineers managed to decrease the pressure drop by a third and therefore also reduce the power required to run the pump in the oil circuit. Due to the tight installation space, the oil/water heat exchanger was developed with a pentagonal geometry and enables an increase in cooling capacity by more than 30 percent. It cools the lubricating oil at high temperatures and simultaneously protects the engine against overheating. With a high oil viscosity or blocked filter element the filter bypass valve integrated in the center tube ensures that the engine receives sufficient lubricating oil. The anti-drain valve pressed into the housing also provides protection against wear. It prevents the oil filter from emptying when the engine is switched off and after the engine is restarted ensures that the oil pressure is high enough. The patented anti-drain valve enables a clean and easy oil change. In total the system impresses with its high performance while being environmentally friendly. Completely free of metal, the fully incinerable filter element can be disposed of after use in an environmentally compatible way. The series start for the oil filter module in India is a further proof of the successful cooperation in the global development and production network of MANN+HUMMEL.