Oil centrifuges separate soot particles from engine oil to reduce engine wear. The system developed by MANN+HUMMEL with a plastic centrifuge can do more. It simplifies servicing, lengthens service intervals and integrates further important engine functions.

Soot particles penetrate the lubrication film and increase friction and wear. MANN+HUMMEL has developed a centrifuge for a major Scandinavian commercial vehicle manufacturer which spins a plastic rotor to remove these particles. The rotor is light and can be environmentally disposed of. With a service life of approximately 100,000 kilometers the centrifuge considerably lengthens the interval between oil services. The centrifuge is fed with high pressure oil from a bypass circuit. When passing through the rotor body the oil escapes through two nozzles on the underside of the rotor. As a result, the rotor is driven at high speed without the need for an external drive. When the oil passes through the high speed rotor the resulting centrifugal forces ensure that particles are deposited in layers on its interior wall. The cleaned oil then flows back to the oil circuit.

Clean service from below

Another highlight of the system from MANN+HUMMEL is the plastic cover screwed into the housing from below. Incorporated is an intelligent drain system to prevent oil spillage during service. This allows the rotor to be changed from underneath and enables a clean service. A mounting aid ensures the correct positioning of the new rotor.

Multiple functions offer advantages

The module includes many additional functions. A connection pipe pressed into the aluminum housing forms the interface for the oil return flow from the turbocharger through the centrifuge housing to the oil sump. An integrated oil reservoir prevents the back flow of de-oiled air into the crankcase ventilation system. In addition, a pressure control valve reliably protects the centrifuge and other engine components against excessive pressure in the oil circuit. The integration of these functions turns the oil centrifuge into a multifunctional engine interface.