The successful partnership with Yuchai is set to continue. After the 5.0 and 8.0 liter diesel engines, the Chinese producer has now decided to equip its 9.0 and 11.0 liter range of diesel engines with oil and fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL to promote efficiency and durability.

MANN+HUMMEL is supplying an oil filter, a fuel pre-filter and a fuel filter module for the 9.0 and 11.0 liter diesel engines from Yuchai. In addition to very good filtration characteristics, the three products offer an impressive level of functional integration. Together the three filters enable the engines to have a long service life. The new products will be produced at Liu Zhou in China. And, as well as producing locally, MANN+HUMMEL also takes local market conditions into account. For example, the filtration system enables the engines to meet the China 6 emission standard and helps satisfy special market conditions such as the requirement for extremely long distances. All three filters have a service interval of 100,000 kilometers and are therefore able to operate for double the distance of comparable products on the market.


Oil filter modules with integrated functions

The oil filter module convinces through a particularly high number of integrated functions. The integrated cooler ensures the right operating temperature and a sensitive wax element enables intelligent thermal management. This allows for reliable regulation of the oil circuit even with the smallest temperature deviations. In addition, the housing of the module is also the interface to the water pump. The oil filter element with the mixed fiber filter media MULTIGRADE O-M 14.1 has a filtration efficiency of 50 percent for particles with a size up to 14 micrometers. In order to enable a longer service interval, the filter module has an integrated bypass centrifuge for effective oil cleaning. When the cover is unscrewed an oil drain channel opens and the oil flows back to the oil sump. This enables a clean and easy service.


Efficient fuel pre-filter

The fuel pre-filter is equipped with the proven three-stage water separation from MANN+HUMMEL. It separates water from the fuel in three stages. In the first stage dirt particles are filtered. The second stage enlarges the water droplets and in a third step the water is separated. The fuel pre‑filter is already established on the Chinese market as a standard product and is therefore quickly available. The fuel pre-filter uses the filter media MULTIGRADE F_HC to filter out 80 percent of the particles with a size up to four micrometers. The disposal of the metal-free filter element is easy and environmentally friendly. An integrated water sensor indicates when the maximum water level has been reached. A drain screw on the bottom of the housing simplifies servicing. After the service a hand-operated pump is used to refill the system with fuel.


Durable fuel filter module

The fuel filter module for the 9.0 and 11.0 liter diesel engines from Yuchai developed by the experts at MANN+HUMMEL is based on the filter module for the 5.0 and 8.0 liter diesel engines. In the new module the housing remains unchanged. The service interval is extended through a lengthening of the filter element and cover. The efficient filter media MULTIGRADE F_MB 500 separates 99.8 percent of the particles up to four micrometers and therefore offers excellent filtration performance. An integrated return channel directs fuel back to the tank when the cover is opened to enable a clean and easy filter change. Two main fuel filters are used for different variants of the 11.0 liter engine in order to enable a higher engine performance.

Years of experience in the area of liquid filtration make MANN+HUMMEL a reliable partner. The liquid filters from MANN+HUMMEL which protect small engines now also protect the 9.0 and 11.00 liter diesel engines from Yuchai.