MANN+HUMMEL further expands its range of fuel filters. In the new generation of diesel engines the car manufacturers are extensively using fuel filters with excellent three-stage water separation from MANN+HUMMEL.

The automotive industry certainly agrees on one point: The diesel will also be an important component in the drive mix of the future. This is also the view of MANN+HUMMEL, which is further expanding its competences for diesel fuel filters. The experts at MANN+HUMMEL have developed a range of fuel filters for the new generation of Ford vehicles with a diesel engine which meets the high requirements necessary for the use of modern diesel fuel. It efficiently protects the injection system against particles and water.

For the variety of new vehicle models of an US-American car manufacturer customized solutions were developed to meet the individual requirements. In all the variants the innovative three-stage water separation is used. In addition, MANN+HUMMEL established a common-part strategy to reduce complexity and costs in the production process and therefore ensures economic production.

Fuel filter with metal bracket for vans

Compact fuel filter for passenger cars

Openable fuel filter with a plastic bracket for SUVs and pick-ups

Individually equipped

The numerous model variants and respective associated requirements presented a challenge to the engineers at MANN+HUMMEL. The varying amount of installation space in the models and the access to the components for servicing required different housing designs. Besides, it was necessary to come up with suitable concepts for the water discharge and to integrate additional functions like fuel heating. As a result, a non-openable fuel filter is used in one variant with a flanged sheet metal design. The fuel filter for vans is equipped with an enlarged filter volume and a metal bracket. For the SUV and pick-up models an openable fuel filter is used with a plastic bracket. Despite all the differences, the filter types are designed to enable them to be manufactured on the same final assembly line in the Czech production plant in Okrisky.

Uniformly efficient

The basic design of the fuel filter elements for the separation of particles and water is the same for all filter variants. All of the named types are fitted with the particle filter media MULTIGRADE F-MB 25 and are thus able to combine excellent filtration performance with a high dirt holding capacity. Depending on the size of the used filter element, the fuel filter variants achieve a service interval of 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers. All the designs also have an electric heating system integrated in the housing cover. This prevents a clogging of the filter media at cold temperatures.

Just as previously, MANN+HUMMEL has equipped all of the new fuel filter types with high efficient three-stage water separation. This enables the separation of even the smallest water droplets down to a size of 10 micrometers and a separation efficiency which is considerably over 90 percent – even with a fully loaded filter element until the service interval is reached. Sensors detect when the water collection bowl beneath the filter element is full and the water has to be professionally discharged from the fuel circuit. Depending on the installation space situation and accessibility for servicing, the water discharge for the respective variant has a different design. Designs with access from above are fitted with a water discharge pipe. Variants where the water  discharge is possible from below are fitted with a water drain plug. These solutions simplify servicing and reliably protect the injection systems for the entire service life of the filter element.

New and pioneering

An openable fuel filter with aluminum die-cast housing is fitted to bigger passenger car models, such as family vehicles, sports utility vehicles and sedan cars. A technical highlight here is the so-called half-moon seal which replaces two O-ring seals which are usually used. The newly developed seal is fitted directly to the filter element and seals to the housing and the housing cover. Its special design with an elliptical geometry combines a radial and axial sealing effect. This reliably fulfills the high sealing and pressure stability requirements. The half-moon seal also enables a simpler and less expensive servicing. On the one hand the reduced fitting and removal forces make it easier to replace the filter element and on the other hand the service technician does not have to insert an additional seal. The design also eliminates the risk of fitting the filter element without a ring seal. With the common part strategy, the efficient and flexible fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL can be integrated into a number of models in order to continue to achieve economic advantages in the future.

With the common part strategy, the efficient and flexible fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL can be integrated into a number of models in order to continue to achieve economic advantages in the future.