MANN+HUMMEL offers numerous solutions to provide reliable protection for the battery system. A battery cooling air duct is now in series production for a mild hybrid SUV of an US-American manufacturer.

The battery is the core element of the electric drivetrain. However, high temperatures can significantly reduce its capacity or in the worst case cause irreversible damage. Efficient battery cooling that provides an acceptable temperature level is therefore essential for the lifetime of the system. In this respect, air cooling contributes towards maintaining the tight temperature range required for the smooth operation of high voltage batteries such as lithium-ion batteries. Using their expertise and extensive experience in the development of air induction systems, the experts were able to realize an effective battery cooling air duct for the electric drivetrain. MANN+HUMMEL supplies the cooling air duct for an SUV of an US-American car manufacturer which uses mild hybrid technology (MHEV). A decisive point here is that the air is efficiently guided to the battery pack even in the tight installation space.

Excellent air supply

The battery cooling air duct for the electric drivetrain combines the excellent expertise which MANN+HUMMEL has in the areas of air induction and component design for combustion engines. Using this expertise, both channel halves of the battery cooling air duct are produced simultaneously with one tool and joined using a rubber foam seal in order to exclude the possibility of leaks. The light component draws intake air from the inside of the cabin. As a result, the cooling air is not subject to ambient influences such as water or extreme temperatures. For larger battery systems an additional cooling air particle filter is required to protect the air flow against contaminants. Undesired noise from the blower can be eliminated by broadband silencers and resonators integrated in the cooling channel.

The battery cooling air duct is only one of many solutions which MANN+HUMMEL is working on to enable emission-free mobility in future. Details of these products are available here.

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