The development of the new centrifugal oil filter ESC 600 (Easy Service Centrifuge) is the response of MANN+HUMMEL to numerous customer requests for a new generation of partial-flow centrifuges for diesel engines which are easy, clean and quick to service.

In future, when cleaning the rotor of a centrifuge, service technicians will be able to put the heavy wrench to one side, provided they are servicing the new ESC 600 from MANN+HUMMEL. For this service-friendly solution the experts changed the design to ensure that servicing is easy, clean and quick. The groundbreaking concept sets the standard for future developments.

Marine applications require high performance and maximum reliability under the most extreme operating conditions. This is also true for the filtration solutions which find application. The centrifuge range from MANN+HUMMEL reliably retain contaminants from the lubrication oil used in diesel engines in the partial flow and therefore contribute towards a considerably longer service interval. In this process, the contaminated oil passes through the centrifuge. The oil pressure causes the rotor to revolve at high speed and the resulting centrifugal forces dirt particles to separate from the oil. They are pressed against the inside walls of the rotor where they accumulate over time to form a thick filter cake. The cleaned oil then flows back to the oil sump of the engine.

Cut-away model of the ESC 600

Cast cover

Rotor liner

Quick release rotor

Rapid drain cut valve

Easy to service

Numerous users have relied on the efficiency of this separation solution for many years. The only thing which was missing was an easy servicing concept. This is a requirement which MANN+HUMMEL has now fulfilled with the ESC 600. Handling is improved through the integrated handle in the new single-part die-cast cover which simplifies removal. The lower lip seal is designed to be non-drip, which enables better sealing and prevents visible spillage. In order to easily remove the filter cake, the housing can be opened by releasing the bayonet lock without the need for tools while the low-weight rotor made from plastic reinforced with glass fiber remains in the centrifuge. The service technicians only have to remove the rotor liner for the purpose of cleaning. This is made from durable silicone and after removal of the filter cake it can be reused a number of times. Finally, a new dump valve reduces the time to remove the excess oil compared to a conventional drain valve from 45 minutes down to only ten minutes. As a result, the rotor liner can be removed very quickly.

The easy service centrifuge was originally developed for marine applications, but can also find application in off-highway trucks like mine haul trucks, power generation and genset units as well as trains. In order to additionally extend the range of applications for this groundbreaking concept with considerably lower servicing costs, MANN+HUMMEL will expand the series with an ESC 200 and an ESC 400.