MANN+HUMMEL has developed a new revolutionary spin-on filter concept with bayonet lock. It simplifies servicing and is available as a modular system.

The innovative WAVELOCK spin-on filter concept enables easy, quick and clean servicing. MANN+HUMMEL has, for the time being, developed the system for use in off-road applications and offers a product variant mounted to the engine and also a product variant mounted to the chassis. A key element of the design is a bayonet lock which securely joins the filter head to the spin-on filter and simultaneously simplifies servicing. When a filter change is due, the filter can be removed and refitted with an easy rotation movement and completely without the need for tools. At the same time the system can only be fitted in one way and therefore jamming is excluded.

Clean solution

A further advantage is the improved component cleanliness. With conventional systems the thread is milled into the aluminum head. In this process minute residual particles of dirt can stick to the component and cause substantial damage on the clean side of the filter. With the WAVELOCK solution there is no danger of this happening. This is firstly because the connecting piece is not manufactured in a machining process, but is pressed. This means that shavings are not possible. Secondly, it is fitted on the dirty side and is not part of the flow circuit. This protects the system against contaminants. In addition, for the purpose of reliability, the Poka-Yoke principle is applied during servicing to ensure that only the right product can be fitted.

Products used in modern combustion engines and compressors are subject to high requirements with regard to the pressure stability of the filter components. As a result, they have to be able to reliably withstand pressures of more than six bar. That is not a problem for the new WAVELOCK filter concept. A high resistance to vibration is also a must. 


Modular system with growth potential

MANN+HUMMEL will in future offer its range of WAVELOCK spin-on filters as a modular system. The modular will consist of the two main assembly groups of filter head and spin-on filter. A number of different variants are planned in the same way as practiced with existing modular systems which have a traditional spin-on filter concept. Possibilities exist to produce an oil filter head, a fuel filter head with and without manual pump as well as a kit for engine-mounted components. It is possible to combine these variants with numerous filter media, anti-drain membranes and bypass valves. The spin-on filters are currently available in size 9 and an extension of the modular system is planned to enable further sizes. The revolutionary filter concept has already been in operation since the beginning of the year for a garden tractor of an USAmerican manufacturer. There are ongoing tests for further application areas for on- and off-road applications.