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Liquid filter systems by MANN+HUMMEL

Liquid Filter Systems

We supply high performance oil and fuel filters for motor cars and commercial vehicles

Combined with efficient thermal management, our filters and filter elements make a significant contribution towards a longer engine life and higher engine performance.


Engine technology continues to develop at a fast pace. In this process, the existing installation space continues to shrink in cars and commercial vehicles. As an innovative company, MANN+HUMMEL in this respect is able to offer liquid filter modules which efficiently exploit the reduced installation space and integrate different functions.

In particular in the area of fuel filters the requirements placed on the filter technology are rising continually. In addition to a longer service, interval the filters also have to meet considerably higher requirements with regard to the separation of water and dirt in fuel. Our fuel filters convince with the highly efficient separation of particles and excellent three-stage water separation. Modern fuel filter modules are especially designed to exploit the available installation space. They also integrate functions such as an electric heater for use at low temperatures.

Our oil filter systems ensure the function of the oil circuit, which is absolutely critical for a combustion engine. These filter systems provide excellent filtration performance and also efficiently control the oil circuits to regulate the oil temperature and improve the operation of the engine. In this way, we improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

For the separation of oil in connection with crankcase ventilation, MANN+HUMMEL offers solutions ranging from purely inertial separators to newly developed LongLife fiber demisters. These products are highly efficient at separating even the finest oil droplets. This enables the reliable removal of the fine droplets created by higher pressures in injection systems or contained in so‑called blowby gas in the combustion engine.

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