RobustPlus is an innovative membrane material developed by MANN+HUMMEL for pressure regulation valves which sets new standards with regard to its chemical resistance. Just one year after its market introduction, a large series order from an US-American manufacturer confirms the success of the solution.

Up to now pressure regulation valves have been a weak point for the crankcase ventilation systems used in gasoline engines. The limited chemical resistance of their membranes mostly made from fluorosilicone rubber in connection with the aggressive chemical substances produced in the combustion process leads to ageing. In particular in markets with poor oil and fuel quality this can in the worst case lead to the formation of cracks and ultimately the malfunction of the valve.

The development of the RobustPlus regulation valve by MANN+HUMMEL represents a pioneering breakthrough. The membrane made from a new fully fluorinated polymer convinces with an almost universal resistance to chemicals and therefore solves the problem the automotive industry has been faced with up to now. The pressure regulation valve is resistant to aggressive acids present in combustion residues and has achieved excellent results with regard to control behavior, tightness and burst pressure during tests.

These are convincing facts for a large North American customer. Just one year after the introduction of the product, a large series order has been won. From 2021 MANN+HUMMEL will annually produce 600,000 cylinder head covers with an integrated SD oil separator and RobustPlus pressure regulation valve for fitting to a 1.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine for a period of five years. The components will be produced in two MANN+HUMMEL plants to serve the North American and Asian markets.