Open Innovation Challenge 2018

Additive Manufacturing

Innovation is not only about creating value for our customers, but also about ensuring sustainable profitable business growth for us, it requires unique products & solutions. It is about differentiation and turning inventions into something we can sell.

One important element of our innovation management system is the Open Innovation approach, which enables a corporation to collaborate with external partners to turn promising ideas into successful innovations.

With the Open Innovation Challenge 2018 we are focusing on the field of Additive Manufacturing for new opportunities and discussions with you.

Additive Manufacturing – commonly known as 3D printing – offers big potentials such as acceleration of the availability of prototypes, low volume manufacturing and the customization of solutions. As one of the key technologies in digitalized manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing will have an impact on existing supply chains, as well as processes and will result in very interesting new business models.

The market of Additive Manufacturing solutions is rapidly growing and we want to better understand the possible opportunities with our suppliers and also with potential new partners in regards to how we can best exploit this disruptive technology to our mutual advantage.

We want to combine our knowledge at MANN+HUMMEL with the ongoing activities at your company to find new ways to utilize the potential of Additive Manufacturing.

And now let’s start the challenge:

Additive Manufacturing – Disruptive Advantage – ready to print?!

Details of the challenge

For any questions on the challenge, please send us an e-mail, so that we can get in touch with you: Open.Innovation(at)

The most promising ideas will be pursued together as innovation projects which will not only strengthen our partnership, but will also extend the business opportunities for both parties.

The goal of the innovation project will be to develop your idea further to create an application for potential serial business with customers of MANN+HUMMEL.

Combined resources, as well as strong and constructive partnerships will be the key to success!

Note that all proposals will be treated confidentially and will not be distributed to third parties.

Your contribution to the Innovation Challenge

Please complete the template and send it to us by June 8th, 2018.

Mirja Vogt & Tobias Wörner
Open Innovation Team

Mirja Vogt (Senior Expert Innovation Management) and Tobias Wörner (Associate Material Group Manager Innovations) manage together the Open Innovation Challenge.

In cooperation with a cross-functional expert team they are taking care of your questions and feedback.