Filter status in real time with comprehensive software solution

• MANN+HUMMEL offers the world's first solution for precise monitoring of the filter status of various applications • Monitoring reduces unplanned downtime and lowers total cost of ownership • Algorithms provide key figures for predictive maintenance in existing telematics systems

Ludwigsburg, November 7,2019 – Information on the status of their vehicles is a valuable asset for the fleet operators of agricultural machines, construction machines and heavy duty commercial vehicles. The smooth operation of their vehicles is only possible if the vehicles are properly maintained.

Previously, operators had to rely on their experience or fixed intervals to determine the right time to service the filters installed in the vehicle. With its comprehensive software solution including sensors, MANN+HUMMEL is the first filter manufacturer worldwide which offers a solution for precise monitoring of the filter status.

This proactive monitoring offers many advantages over common reactive measures. Until now fleet operators have had to determine the filter status by time-consuming visual inspection which could lead to an incorrect assessment or alternatively fixed servicing periods are maintained. With the new solution from MANN+HUMMEL, they can now view the exact status of their fleet at any time and ensures that the filter is always changed at the right time. In addition, maintenance times are precisely matched to the machine schedule, unplanned downtimes are reduced and the risk of exceeding the service life can be eliminated. This has a positive effect on the efficiency of the vehicles and thus reduces the total operating costs.

Everything at a glance

Various sensors monitor the load status of air and cabin air filters, oil, hydraulic oil and transmission oil filters as well as fuel pre-filters and main filters. Furthermore, the status of the engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel can be observed. The measured data is transferred from the respective vehicle to the OEM cloud where it is anonymized and then passed on to the MANN+HUMMEL cloud. Algorithms analyze the data of the individual sensors and determine precise key figures for the predictive maintenance. This information is prepared and returned digitally to the OEM which makes the information conveniently available to end customers, fleet operators and users in the telematics system or via an app.

MANN+HUMMEL has been collecting experience on predictive maintenance since 2017 when the company introduced the Senzit air filter monitor as a retrofit solution for agricultural and construction machines. The experience gained in the development and practical use of Senzit enabled the integration of predictive maintenance into a wider range of filters. In addition to the complete solution, in future on request MANN+HUMMEL will offer vehicle manufacturers customized and integrated solutions. The first customer pilot projects are planned for 2020 – and that will be just the first step. The development of self-monitoring systems and components is ongoing.

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