Fuel prefilter PreLine for marine applications

Ludwigsburg/Hamburg, September 4, 2018 – at the 2018 SMM trade fair the international filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL will present the new fuel prefilter PreLine 1201 for use in marine applications. The filter is designed to handle flow rates up to 1201 l/h and separates water and coarse particles.

The PreLine 1201 is characterised by a flame-retardant water sensor, a compact design and attractive styling. Its spin-on filter concept is easy to service. The switch mechanism on the steel head of the filter enables a filter change during engine operation.

The PreLine 1201 was developed to conform to the international SOLAS standards. Germanischer Lloyd has awarded the product a "Type Approval" which confirms its suitability for use in marine vessels. The filter therefore fulfils all the necessary safety requirements for use in ships with regard to flame and splash protection. 

Fuel filters for diesel engines used in ships have to offer high performance to be able to clean the fuel which is often highly contaminated by particles and water. The already proven PreLine prefilter modular system with different sizes from MANN+HUMMEL increases filter performance, extends the service life of the main filter, and protects the pre-feed pump and high pressure pump downstream. In order to manage this important task MANN+HUMMEL has developed a special, two-stage Multigrade filter medium which achieves a water separation efficiency of at least 93%.  This particularly efficient filter consisting of a combination of cellulose as a carrier medium and a layer of ultrafine melt-blown fibres offers a higher filter fineness and more effective protection than a standard filter available on the market. In the first stage the filter enlarges many small emulsified droplets contained in the fuel and then separates these from the diesel in the second stage through a hydrophobic surface. The PreLine also separates course dirt particles and extends the service life of the engine.

Contact Person

Miriam Teige
Manager Corporate Communications