MANN-FILTER: well equipped for future filtration requirements

Ludwigsburg, 11th September 2018 - MANN+HUMMEL transfers its decades of experience in filtration to the requirements of alternative drives. The company will be showing its solutions at the Automechanika 2018.

"Regardless of which drive technology will prevail in the future, or whether there will be a future with different technologies on an equal footing: Filters will still be used," says Dr. Uwe Hartmann, Vice President Marketing Automotive Aftermarket at MANN+HUMMEL.

Brake dust particle filters
With electric vehicles as well, wear on the brake disk and pad produces brake dust every time you brake. A significant part of that dust consists of fine dust, which is harmful to the health and environment due to its small particle size. The newly developed brake dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL reduces the particulate matter generated during braking by up to 80 percent. Thanks to its robust housing directly next to the brake caliper, the filter acts directly at the point of production to prevent the escape of fine dust into the environment, especially in city traffic requiring frequent braking. This is particularly important because braking in city traffic causes many times more fine dust than exhaust gases.The filter medium is a material resistant to temperature and corrosion that efficiently filters the different particle sizes. Dirt buildup on alloy rims and the time-consuming removal of embedded brake dust are also reduced significantly. This is invaluable for many drivers.

Mobile fine dust particle filter
To reduce fine dust pollution in urban concentrations, MANN+HUMMEL has developed a fine dust particle filter which the company has been testing during field studies since the middle of last year. Installed on the roof or under the floor of a vehicle, for example, the filter removes fine dust particles from the air. The particularly low flow resistance of the filter element employed permits the maximum possible volume flow as well as a high separation performance. For this purpose, fans draw air from the environment to the filter. This means that vehicles can filter fine dust out of the surrounding air even when stationary.

Depending on the prevailing conditions, an electric vehicle can be operated emissions-neutrally through use of a fine dust particle filter. With respect to the overall balance in driving operation this means:

  • no carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • no nitrogen oxide (NOx),
  • no noise,
  • no fine dust.

Transmission fluid filter for E-axles
Where power electronics, electric motor and transmission are combined to form a so-called E-axle, this requires not only fluid cooling, but also lubrication. The newly developed transmission fluid filter from MANN+HUMMEL ensures clean oil for lubrication and cooling of the gear wheels and other components within the transmission for vehicles with electric drive. The highly efficient filter, which features a fully synthetic filter medium has a low differential pressure, high chemical and thermal resistance and is designed for lifetime requirements. Thanks to the proven pleat technology, a large quantity of filter medium can be accommodated in a very small installation space. In order to design the filter housing in a differential-pressure-optimized manner, even in confined installation spaces, state-of-the-art simulation methods ensure an optimal flow design. The plastic transmission fluid filter housing is also robust.

Battery Venting Device
A further important component for electric vehicles is the battery venting device, which MANN+HUMMEL already went into serial production with for purely electric as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles. The centerpiece of this device, which is mounted on the battery housing, is a gas-permeable membrane. It ensures the necessary permanent pressure compensation between the battery system and the environment and retains dust and water. If overpressure occurs due to a malfunction in the battery system, the device rapidly relieves this to prevent bursting of the housing, for example.

"MANN+HUMMEL has been synonymous with outstanding innovations for more than 75 years and we today count among the leading companies in filtration worldwide. More than 1,000 researchers and developers around the globe work to ensure that we can offer an innovative portfolio, even in light of the changing drive concepts, and can continue to delight our customers with a wide range of products for future filtration requirements," says Hartmann.

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