MANN+HUMMEL centrifuges reduce engine downtimes and total cost of ownership

Ludwigsburg/Hamburg – September 4, 2018 - Diesel engines are widely used in the marine industry for propulsion and auxiliary power. Today’s modern diesel engine is designed to deliver greater fuel economy and lower emissions with a high reliability and performance.

Technologies used by engine manufacturers provide these benefits, especially for emission reduction increase the level of combustion soot contained within the lubricating oil.

Changing the lubricating oil is an essential maintenance action required for engine durability.  However, the cost of doing this can be high and is increasing.  Therefore, ways to extend oil service intervals are favoured by marine operators as they look to reduce the cost of maintenance, spare parts and downtimes. By extending the life of the oil, costs for used oil and filter disposal are reduced.

One tried and tested technique to remove contaminant particles, such as soot from the lubricating oil to extend the service life, is the use of a bypass centrifuge filter to clean the oil.  MANN+HUMMEL is a global leader in the manufacture of bypass centrifuges.  Formerly Glacier Centrifugal Oil Cleaners, MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge technology is adopted by many of the world’s leading diesel engine manufacturers and has been extensively used in the marine sector for over 40 years. 

How does the oil centrifuge work? 

The centrifuge rotor is driven by the pressure of the engine oil and reaches speeds up to 10,000 revolutions per minute.  The centrifugal forces thus generated, which are 2000 times the force of gravity, remove metallic particles from engine abrasion, wear soot created during the combustion process and ingested dirt from the intake air. These particles are picked up and compacted on the inner wall of the rotor.

MANN+HUMMEL rotor design can be either metal cleanable or plastic disposable.   Rotors are designed to provide a high separation efficiency which is sustained until the contaminant holding capacity limit is reached.   The MANN+HUMMEL range of centrifugal filters covers all sizes needed for the smallest to largest marine application.  They can be installed either as an independent bypass filter or connected to an automatic filter to capture the contaminant delivered on the back-flush flow.   Working directly with the engine manufacturer, centrifuge designs are tailored to meet the exact needs for engine block installation and serviceability, therefore OE unique design solutions are offered.  In-addition, the benefit of centrifuge technology can be provided directly to the marine operators as on or off-engine retrofit solution.  Using centrifuge technology in combination with regular oil sampling and trending analysis, operators have experienced increases in oil service life and engine durability.

‘MANN+HUMMEL Centrifuges offer a number of benefits’, says Tony Fell, responsible for the product group centrifuges at MANN+HUMMEL. ‘They keep the engine clean and the lubricant efficient for a longer period of time and regarding soot content they extend oil change intervals which in turn reduces downtimes.  They also decrease wear on critical engine components and thus prolong the service life of the engine.  All these benefits add up to a more efficient engine operation, greater durability and a lower cost of ownership for the operator’.

MANN+HUMMEL centrifuges are supplied to over 40 engine manufacturers worldwide, fitted in diesel engines for marine, commercial vehicles, power generation, locomotives, mining, agriculture and construction applications.

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