The Audi Q5 has become one of the company’s best-selling models. Therefore, Audi has built a new factory in Mexico to meet the globally growing demand of the SUV sector. The MANN+HUMMEL plant located close to the vehicle production facility is ideally placed to supply components for the Q5.

MANN+HUMMEL has enjoyed a successful and long-term working relationship with Audi, providing a variety of quality products and systems like the air cleaner system for the Audi A4 built in Germany. The closeness of the MANN+HUMMEL plant to the Audi facility as well as the competitive pricing are equally important and made MANN+HUMMEL the preferred supplier for both, the inline 4‑cylinder and V6 models. The air cleaner system on an engine plays a key role in the car’s performance. In the case of the new Audi Q5, the MANN+HUMMEL system delivers excellent filtration performance and great acoustic behavior.

Air cleaner for the Audi Q5 2.0 liter TDI diesel engine


shaped cover for good dynamical stiffness and beauty structure

Clean air outlet

air flow sensor attached directly to the cover to measure the intake air mass (versions with and without sensor available)

Air filter element

round filter element with locking and positioning device to perfectly pre-assemble the element in the cover, an additional pre-fleece for the diesel versions helps to increase the service interval

Acoustic foam

dampens undesirable noise contents from the air intake noise

Dirty air inlet

additional sealing prevents ingress of water and hot air


optimized plastic-suited design for good dynamic stiffness

Heat shield

minimizes the transfer of heat from the close turbo charger to the plastic components

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