A new fuel filter in plastic from MANN+HUMMEL protects the gasoline engines in cars of the BMW Group. As a result, harsh operating conditions due to contaminants or bad fuel quality do not pose a problem.

Conditions vary from country to country, and this also applies to the cars on the road made by international car manufacturers. In the different countries the cars have to handle many various environments. In particular, the varying and partly bad quality of fuel is a big challenge for engines and car producers.

In Brazil, for example, so-called flex fuel which has a high ethanol content is widely used. This places high demands on the chemical resistance of the components which handle the fuel and also requires a regular change of the fuel filter. In China, on the other hand, fuel contamination is the main challenge, something which makes it essential for filters to have a high dirt holding capacity. And regular servicing is also a must. These are two regions with very different challenges, where the BMW Group now has a single solution – the inline fuel filter in plastic developed exclusively by MANN+HUMMEL.

Ingenious design

This is made possible by an improved component design. Features of the design ensure great mechanical strength even at high temperatures. The developers strengthened potential weak points in the housing components with selective ribbing. In addition, they improved the weld seam. This is also able to withstand very high pressures and loads, also at increasing operation temperatures. A rubber sleeve between the filter housing and the bracket additionally protects the component against vibrations and therefore reduces mechanical stress.

Conductive and stable

Stability was also taken into consideration with the choice of the material, a high performance polyamide reinforced with glass and carbon fiber. The material is also electrically conductive and protects the filter housing against static charges.

In regions with a bad fuel quality, the improved filter media MULTIGRADE F_HC is an innovation particularly suitable for use in gasoline engines. Its high separation efficiency and dirt holding capacity efficiently protects the engine against dirt particles and lengthens the time between service intervals.

Easy to retrofit

The design of the new fuel filter in plastic offers greater installation flexibility than the previous variants in aluminum and stainless steel. It can be fitted to all BMW cars from the 1 to the 7 Series. This only requires a minor adjustment to the bracket of the fuel filter. It is also easy to retrofit the newly developed fuel filter to BMW cars already fitted with previous filter versions. The filter positioned on the underbody with an improved mounting bracket for its housing is easy to reach and access for servicing.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reliably protects gasoline engines against contaminants even with bad fuel quality
  • Advanced filter media MULTIGRADE F_HC offers high separation efficiency and dirt holding capacity
  • Improved component design for high mechanical and thermal stability
  • Easy to service thanks to installation position on underbody
  • Possibility to retrofit to existing cars
  • Application possible in all BMW cars from the 1 to the 7 series

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