Systems expertise for maximum power

The new E63S AMG from Mercedes-Benz accelerates impressively with over 600 HP in 3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. This requires high performance from all components involved. The air cleaners and intake manifolds from MANN+HUMMEL are hot gas welded. That saves weight and simultaneously improves the component cleanliness.

Air cleaner system and intake manifold for V8 turbo gasoline engine of Mercedes-Benz

Intake manifold

Hot gas welded intake manifolds for exceptional pressure resistance

Air cleaner

Dual flow system fulfills highest demands in component cleanliness thanks to hot gas welding

Air filter element

Trapezoidal air filter element with pre-fleece lengthens service life

Dirty air duct

Two component dirty air duct for optimum movement compensation between chassis and engine

The rich sound of the 4.0 liter V8 biturbo engine in the new E63 and E63S AMG makes the hearts of sports car fans beat faster. Mercedes‑Benz relies on the systems expertise of MANN+HUMMEL with the use of a dual flow air cleaner system and two intake manifolds for the high performance engines.

Clean, reliable, light

The customer requested use of high temperature‑resistant materials. Therefore, MANN+HUMMEL uses filled polyamide 6 (PA6-GF10M20) for the air cleaner housing. For a future variant even polyamide 6.66 is used for the first time. This unusual material for an air cleaner housing convinces through an exceptional resistance to pressure and temperature.

Due to the required component cleanliness, both parts of the air cleaner housing on the clean air side and both shells of the intake manifolds were respectively joined using hot gas welding. In contrast to the commonly used vibration welding, the energy in this process is not introduced through friction, but without contact using hot gas. Therefore, there is no abrasion or other resulting particles related to the welding process. Hot gas welded seams are particularly stable and improve burst pressure and resistance to pressure pulsations. In addition, the process enables a considerably reduced welding seam width, which has a positive effect on the weight of the air cleaner housings and the intake manifolds. In the air cleaner, there is also an integrated solenoid valve for the wastegate system of the engine. It serves to prevent a drop in speed of the turbocharger during overrun conditions.

The dirty air ducts made from hard polyamide and elastic elastomer are able to ensure movement compensation between chassis and engine at high temperatures. A pre-fleece included in the trapezoidal air filter element also lengthens the service life of the air cleaners when top performance with the AMG vehicles is the order of the day.

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