MANN+HUMMEL selectively uses its core expertise to develop pro­duc­ts for new drive concepts to enable the emis­si­on-­free mobi­li­ty of the future. This is true for concep­ts in the fields of bat­te­ry and fuel cell tech­no­lo­gy.

Also stationary applications such as power generators are equipped with these newly developed products. Future mobility is electric – this statement seems to be true more than ever. Several European countries have announced to stop the new approval of cars with internal combustion engines within the next 25 years. Meanwhile, also the car manufacturers are focusing more and more on electrifying their new models. The question is if there will be a dominant propulsion system in future or if there will be different propulsion systems equally coexisting. Therefore, MANN+HUMMEL is developing a broad range of products for different applications. However, all these products are representing the company’s core competences: filtration, system competence and precise plastic processing.

Brake dust particle filter

  • Reduction of brake dust particle emissions by up to 80 percent, resulting in a lower fine dust pollution, especially in city traffic with lots of brake applications
  • Temperature and corrosion resistant filter media
  • Reduced dust on the rims
  • Robust design can be fitted in existing installation spaces
  • Use for all vehicle and propulsion systems possible

Transmission oil filter for eAxles

  • Ensures cleanliness of the oil which is needed for lubrication and cooling of gears and other mechanical parts in the gearbox of electric applications (eAxle)
  • High-efficient, pleated fully-synthetic filter media for life-time applications
  • Optimal for restricted installation spaces due to very compact design

    Coolant particle filter

    • Ensures cleanliness of the coolant which is needed for the thermal management of battery systems and fuel cells
    • Elements with different high-efficient pleated filter media possible: fully synthetic media offers high mechanical stability, glass fiber media is suitable for highest cleanliness requirements
    • Best resistance against aggressive media (e.g. PAG, PAO and POE oil)

    Cathode air cleaner system for fuel cells

    • Critical gases and particles are removed from cathode air for increased lifetime
    • Decades of series experience with engineering of air cleaner systems
    • High efficient water separation to protect the activated carbon layers

    Ion exchange filter for fuel cells

    • Keeps conductivity of cooling liquid for fuel cells low
    • Innovative design enables use of ion exchange resins for automotive applications
    • Market product portfolio to cover the industry’s needs
    • Easy to adapt

    Battery frames for high-voltage battery systems

    • Structure and stability for pouch cells in liquid-cooled high voltage batteries
    • Integrated cooling channels
    • High-precision injection molding fulfills high cleanliness requirements
    • Plastic design for lightweight solution

    Air dryer cartridge for high-voltage battery systems

    • Keeps the air inside the battery system dry through adsorption
    • Prevents water condensation at cooling plates and during environmental cool down (day/night cycle)
    • Avoiding of corrosion on battery cells and short circuits due to water
    • Special vacuum packaging avoids moisture adsorption before assembly

    Cooling air particle filter for high-voltage battery systems

    • Holds back particles creating wear in blowers and terminals
    • Compressible filter element for restricted assembly access
    • Low pressure loss and part weight

    Degassing unit for high-voltage battery systems

    • Pressure balancing through heating and cooling of battery
    • Emergency degassing
    • Protection from particles and liquids
    • Modular design to fit different functional requirements of the market