Perfect sound

The air cleaner system always perfectly protects the Land Rover Discovery engine and ensures that stringent noise targets are achieved.

Reliable protection for the engine and a pleasant acoustic sound for the system: a MANN+HUMMEL air cleaner system manages to provide both the best filtration performance possible and a pleasant engine sound without disruptive background noise in the latest Land Rover Discovery.

The driver of a Land Rover knows that the vehicle will always reach its destination, even over difficult terrain. At the same time, the driver wishes to arrive in a comfortable and relaxed manner. Over the years, vehicles from the British manufacturer have developed from being an austere workhorse into a luxurious SUV in the premium segment. Therefore, loud noises from the engine compartment are undesired, and the new air cleaner system from MANN+HUMMEL reliably ensures that stringent noise targets are achieved.


Porous patches to counter pressure peaks

In the dirty air ducts of the 3.0 liter V6 compressor engines from Land Rover, overmolded patches made from sintered plastic granulate improve the acoustics. Their porous structure allows the air to escape. This compensates for local pressure peaks and prevents standing waves which would excite the duct and as a result generate undesirable resonances. The porous patches replace the large resonators that would have otherwise been used and therefore save both installation space and weight. At the same time, they reliably protect the engine against the ingress of too much water, warm air and dust.


Design trick keeps things quiet

The clean air duct is also fitted with noise-damping elements: numerous lambda quarter pipes are integrated in the T-piece. These invert some of the sound waves and therefore eliminate disruptive noises. MANN+HUMMEL uses blow molding technology to produce the T-piece and bellow sections. This allows the easy integration of most of the lambda quarter pipes.

MANN+HUMMEL uses its global R&D and production network. The components come from three European countries: France, Great Britain and Germany. The Land Rover Discovery engine is always perfectly protected by the air cleaner system, regardless of how bumpy and dusty the track is.

Advantages at a glance

  • Excellent filtration performance and ideal acoustic characteristics of the system
  • Porous patches replace large resonators
  • Low installation space requirements and weight saving

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