Those who wish to supply tailor-made products have to know the market and their customers. MANN+HUMMEL therefore develops and produces locally for the Chi­ne­se manufacturer Gre­at Wall Motors and convinces with its local development expertise and well thought-out solutions.

Potential buyers of a SUV model in China will sooner or later come into contact with Great Wall Motors. In fact, the sales figures for this segment show that the Chinese vehicle manufacturer is the market leader. The SUVs and sedan cars of the state-independent company are also sold under the brands Haval and WEY in Asia and for some time now also in the countries of Russia, Chile and South Africa, which have become important sales markets. According to information released by the company, the Haval H6 compact SUV and the larger Haval H7 model alone enjoy sales of 65,000 vehicles per month.

Global standards, local solutions

The policy of the car producer is to rely on reliable partners with a local presence. Accordingly, the manufacturer based in Baoding south of Beijing procures its air cleaner systems and charge air ducts from MANN+HUMMEL. The filtration specialist develops all products locally at its location at Changchun. All the steps involved in the development of concepts, design, simulation and acoustic design are undertaken in Changchun, from the first idea right up to the finished product. In this process, Great Wall Motors benefits from the development expertise of MANN+HUMMEL in China. As a result, it is possible to carry out acoustic simulations and FEM calculations at a very early stage in the respective project and subsequently implement these in series products. A Product Ccoach from the Center of Competence for Air Intake Systems in Ludwigsburg, Germany, supports the local R&D activities. He ensures the transfer of expertise between the European and Chinese teams. This enables compliance with all the internal global standards of MANN+HUMMEL and at the same time fulfilment of the requirements of Great Wall Motors.


Meeting customer requirements

The platform strategy of the vehicle manufacturer is an important factor in the development process. For example, the supplied systems find application in both the Haval H6 and Haval H7 series. This generates economies of scale. In addition, compliance with the local requirements is decisive. MANN+HUMMEL, for example, equips the supplied products with an HC adsorber. This reduces the emissions of unburned hydrocarbons and therefore meets the latest emission regulations of the Chinese government.


It is very important to overcome the differences in language with the help of our Chinese colleagues. This enables us to present new technologies to the customer and to bring them into mass production in the end.

Herbert Schenk, Product Coach China, Engineering Air Intake Systems


The advantages of close cooperation

A local presence means the partners can work closely together. At regular in-house exhibitions, experts from MANN+HUMMEL and Great Wall Motors intensively discuss the latest technology and current developments. The close cooperation has reaped rewards. Since the development of the first air cleaner system seven years ago both companies have implemented more than ten different projects. Currently the R&D engineers are already working on three new series orders.