New geo­me­try: Exa­li­fe

A solution for tight installation spaces

The space available in commercial vehicles for the installation of air cleaner systems is increasingly restricted. This makes the fitting of many important components a challenge.

MANN+HUMMEL devotes considerable time to develop innovative ways of providing air cleaner systems for vehicles that not only have restricted installation space but also have to work in difficult environments.

MAN Latin America, based in Brazil, was created in 2009 with the acquisition by MAN SE of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses. The company manufactures a complete range of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses, together with MAN trucks encompassing over 40 different vehicle models and serving 30 countries in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Some of these countries have very challenging operating conditions. In order to be close to the customers and understand the market needs, MANN+HUMMEL has been represented in Brazil since 1954.

As a long-term supplier to MAN, MANN+HUMMEL has been constantly looking for new and innovative ways of providing excellent filtration solutions. The latest MAN Latin America model is a Cummins ISF engine powered Volkswagen light duty truck. There are two versions, one with 2.8 liter and one with 3.8 liter engine. MANN+HUMMEL Brazil has developed and is providing an innovative air cleaner concept for both applications.

Optimum use of installation space

The new Exalife air cleaner concept has been specifically developed to fit the restricted spaces in modern light commercial vehicles, yet having the capability of delivering class leading air filtration. The system incorporates a cell cyclone in the air inlet delivering excellent separation efficiency of water and dust. The air cleaner has an innovative oval air filter element with unique polyurethane end plates and radial sealing. An important constructive feature is the oval shape. The small width of the air cleaner allows an optimization of the vehicle lay-out with maximum utilization of the available installation space and excellent serviceability. Furthermore, the new concept convinces by an optimized design of the air path like for example of the clean side duct leading to significantly lower pressure loss of the system. Due to the integration of the raw air intake in the air cleaner, it eliminates the use of a separate dirty air duct making the system very cost effective.

Worldwide first Exalife air cleaner system with oval filter element and cyclone block

Air cleaner housing

Innovative shape makes maximum use of available installation space behind the cabin. The housing incorporates a resonator, a service switch and enables the mounting of the coolant reservoir on top.

Air filter element

Oval filter element with acoustic chambers and unique polyurethane end plates.

Cyclone lower part

Air passes through the openings formed between the cyclone upper and lower part and dust returns to the environment through the dust discharge valve.

Cyclone upper part

By the action of cyclone flaps the air acquires a rotational motion. Through the centrifugal forces dust particles in the intake air are conducted by internal walls of the cyclone upper part.

Intake grid

Holds back coarse particles like cigarettes or leaves.

Best-in-class systems competence

Another significant benefit of this development is that undesired engine noise could be reduced thanks to the acoustic competence of MANN+HUMMEL. The air cleaner system has an innovative noise attenuation concept, incorporating a resonator coupled to the filter housing and acoustic chambers in the central tube of the air filter element.

In addition, the system presents thought-out construction details which enable the mounting and fixing of components like the expansion tank and hoses of the vehicle engine cooling system on the filter housing. Particularly, extensive laboratory testing according to customer requirements, including vehicle durability tests together with tests in high dust concentration environments, validated the functionality. The product has an excellent durability with a 60,000 kilometer service life before the filter element needs to be changed. The delivery of this compact air cleaner with outstanding performance and serviceability to the latest vehicle in the light truck category opens up new business opportunities for mutual growth.