Plug-in actuator for active intake manifolds

Big cities are suffering more and more from air pollution. Legislators have reacted with stricter regulations for CO₂ emis­sio­ns. The acti­ve intake manifolds from MANN+HUMMEL support car producers to help them also meet these emis­si­on targets under real driving conditions.

The latest co-development with EFI Automotive, a so-called plug-in actuator, is particularly space-saving and cost effective.

Forecasts show that the market share for active intake manifolds, in other words manifolds incorporating flaps that are capable of being actuated, will rise and help to meet new emission regulations. In particular, charge motion systems will be utilized more often because of their ability to increase efficiency of gasoline engines, or reduce particle emissions due to better mixing of the fuel-air mixture in diesel engines. Charge motion systems are switched on during part load conditions to increase the turbulence within the combustion chamber and therefore to improve the combustion process.

Engineers at MANN+HUMMEL, working closely with experts from EFI Automotive, have developed an innovative plug-in actuator that can be divided in two functional components. The actuator itself is a common part to be incorporated in as much MANN+HUMMEL active intake manifolds in future as possible to generate scale effects. The second functional component part of the actuator gear will be integrated customized into the intake manifold body itself. In total, the newly designed actuator delivers a cost effective and robust solution, saves valuable installation space and meets all the current customer requirements and industry norms such as the OBD II (on-board diagnostics).

The two corporations worked strongly together over many months to achieve an optimal solution to help make a contribution to control engine emissions. Both companies undertook considerable research and development, which included high levels of durability testing, resulting in a lifetime of over 7.5 million actuations. Due to the outlined advantages both companies expect considerable interest from global vehicle manufacturers. This plug-in actuator supports the OEMs facing major challenges with regard to global emission problems, no matter where their vehicles are marketed and sold.

Advantages at a glance

  • Common basis solution for both tumble and swirl flaps
  • Partly integrated within the body of the intake manifold to save installation space
  • Designed in plastic for optimized cost control
  • DC technology incorporated, with hall effect sensor for accurate position detection
  • OBD II compliant